How do you Know a flare is comming on ?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by swollen, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. swollen

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    To everyone with fibromyalgia and all types of arthritis, How do you know when a flare is about to happen? Or does it just hit you from nowhere with no warning or signs? How do you control it ?Or do you let it take its course?
  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    Try going to the left and getting on the Fibro board and there's lots of info there and you'll get an informed answer and much faster.
  3. ralady

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    My flares happened in my hands - they became painful and weak and tingly. I called my rheumi and he had me come right in. I was put on a small amount of prednisone and then he changed my med.
  4. ksl25

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    it's really important to get to know your body.
    i notice if i'm too active i get tense in my hip area.
    i'm sure it's different for everyone. sleep is important too.
  5. mujuer

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    Like one poster said, you just get to know your body and the symptoms. Mine starts with a small burning sensation in my upper back. I don't even have to question it anymore. I go get my med's and take them so it doesn't get so bad. There is no controlling it in my book. There are meds to deal with the pain but it can't stop a flare from happening at least with fibro. My flares are due to the barametric pressure change and I am very sensitive to it. If it is going to rain tommorow then I am flaring today. P
  6. charming

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    I know when my left hip hurts and my elbows hurt and when my pain pills does not help I cope by not doing any house work or cooking take long warm showers and stay home from work . until it passes and it do pass I don't remain in chronic pain for months it last for 2 weeks and then it slowly become intermittent but I can function when it intermittent I can't function when it constant sharp throbbing pain that even if I pee the muscles in my bladder hurt.I once had a flare that made me go to the doctor for narcotics its been since 2005 I had not had to get the narcotics just the motrin 800 and neurontin helps and walking a lot help calm it down but never take it away just makes it tolerate. to keep on with my daily activities and what I don't finish today have to get done tomorrow.