how do you know a therapy is helping?

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    i wanted to hear how others determine if a specific therapy is helping. i find that when i try new things, whether it be a medication, a supplement, an herbal treatment, or whatever, that it is hard to evaluate whether it is having an effect. I may have a good day and think, "oh, that must be because I started doing X," but then I think, "wait a minute, i slept all day yesterday," or "today it's sunny," or you just think it could be a coincidence and part of the natural ebb and flow of things. I know you have to look at it over time, but I find that over the course of that time so many other things come into the picture that it is often faith or a guessing game.

    There are so many factors that play into improvements and flares, how do you pinpoint specific things as helpful, detrimental or no effect? I mean, unless it is something dramatic obviously, but so often the therapies we use have subtle or slow-acting effects.

    I would love to hear how other people think about this.
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    lower my med. Fortunately, I'm on one that is easy to adjust and fairly easy to tell if I'm taking too much. So far I've had two supplements that have had that effect. That doesn't mean other things aren't helping, but they were the most dramatic.

    What I started doing was adding supplements gradually and then noting the difference for a good while before adding something else. I've seen another recommendation that you can keep a diary of how long you spend in bed each day. Many times the improvement is so gradual is difficult to tell, but over time with a diary you will note the improvement.