How do you know if you need T3 in addition to Synthroid?

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    Hi Everyone,
    I was placed on Synthroid when I was 14 and have been on it over 10 years. However, I still seem to have the side-effects of hypothyroidism as well as CFS. Over the years, before I was diagnosed with CFS, I saw tons of endocrinologists who kept saying that my numbers looked fine with just the Synthroid. Does a need for T3 show up on blood tests or is it just something you have to ask about to try for yourself? It has come up during dr.'s appointments in the past but most doctors said, "Oh, you don't need that." Your numbers look fine. Any thoughts or suggestions? My TSH is usually 2.0 Thank you!
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    Hopefully, Madwolf will see this.

    Love, Mikie
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    There is a book by Mary Shomon, called Living Well with Hypothyroidism, but I haven't read, yet, whether it answers that question..I don't know if one just goes by better clinical symptom improvement, which she seems to suggest, or if there is any tests that will identify a deficit in T/3. However, I haven't read a lot of the book....

    I have been on Levoxyl for a long time and I have not seen any improvement in the hypothyroid symptoms I have as a result of Hashimoto's Disease..I am just wondering if since I have only been treated with the T/4, maybe the lack of T/3 is the problem to treatment...

    Another question for Madwolf? Is mainstream medicine, usually, not acquainted with the concept of using T/3, and therefore, it may be a struggle to convince them? So, you might have to find a medical doc who already has knowledge in this area..And lastly, what is the best form of T/3 to take..I have told, in the past, that Armour thyroid would not give one an accurate standardized this wrong?This Message was Edited on 03/29/2003]
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    I have read a little bit about T3 and just asked the Dr. to try me on armour. I have only been on synthroid since May, but didn't feel any better. And, everytime they test, my TSH just gets worse. In regards to the question about armour, my research on it has reassured me that they have a good quality of control on it. Synthroid, however has been under fire about that lately. Hopefully Madwolf will see this and comment. I just started armour so don't have any experience yet. But, I'm really excited at the trial. Like my Dr. said. Won't hurt anything to try :)
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    hoping for more replies--thanks!
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    The doc who prescribed it recommends reading a book titled,"Thyroid Power" by Dr. Richard Shannon (? the last name, can't read his writing). My physician talked about how TSH "normal" range is outrageously wide, especially with continuing symptoms of hypothroidism. Also, we can have plenty of T4 but not convert to T3 at the cellular level. Therefore, with my symptoms, he started a med called T3 l-thyronine SR(slow release). It was ordered at a compounding pharmacy. The prescribing physician is an MD but he practices "Functional Medicine". May want to research and try to find one near you. They seem to look at thyroid in a broader light.

    By the way, syntroid NEVER helped me. I am hoping this med will. HOpe this info helps.
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    Do you know if there is a test for T/3 or do they go by just the symptoms of not having an effective treatment of hypothyroidism? is it a subjective call, in other words? and therefore, are given some supplementary T/3 to see how it treats the problem.
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    He did not run any tests. He looked at old tests from a previous physician. My Free T3 was low normal. And he took in consideration my symptoms. Imagine, a doctor that treats the patient not the lab values! Please forgive my sarcasm. . .
    I plan on reading the book he suggested, so I can understand it better. I know some docs look at the ratios between some of the thyroid tests. All I know is I hope it helps. Tired of being tired, cold, shedding and dry.
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    I've been taking thyroid med since having thryroiditis ten years ago. I began with Synthroid but switched to Armour Thyroid about a year ago. I do believe it helps my fogginess in general, but it sure wasn't a "cure".

    The doctor recently had me try to increase the 60 mgs dosage by 1/4 and I could tell it was too much within two days.

    I think thyroid meds must be a part of an overall treatment.

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    I just wanted to thank everyone for their replies and suggestions!!!!
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    My understanding based on a couple of discussions with a very knowledgeable endocrinologist is that measurements of T3 are not really that reliable because what is really at issue is the amount in the cells. There is also a pretty good discussion of T4 and T3 in Dr. Teitlebaum's book.
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    do a search on wilsons syndrome or go to wilsonsyndrome dot com..very good info on hypothyroidism
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    the t-3 sr medication kgg is referring to is the same medication my doc is currently giving me for hypothyroidism(wilsons syndrome) doctor diagnosed me not by a test but by a constant low body temp..he said that tests can come back normal and a patient can still have hypothyroidism..its all about the body temperature for an accurate diagnosis