How do you limber up in the morning?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lin-z, Jan 12, 2006.

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    Especially after an extremely painful night of "sleep." I wake up so often as stiff as a board. This morning I asked my husband to rub my back so I could attempt to get out of bed and he couldnt believe how spasmodic my back was.

    He said it felt like a metal plate..not even skin.(how sexy huh?) I know stretches are good but I cant even get to that point on mornings like this...I take elavil(10mg) at night and it really doesnt help... anybody go through this???
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    ...found the best thing is to actually do stretching exercises while still in bed so you are being cushioned and your muscles are warm. Just start really slowly, like stretching the hands and fingers, little stages. Also, do you have anything to warm the bed? I use hot water bottle on first my hands, and get them moving, then my shoulders and so on. Some mornings are worse than others. Sleeping with body pillows can help too. Strangest thing, my PT just said to me, put your husband's leather belt at about 12 lbs pressure around the body just above top of pubic bone, really low on hips and this will stop leg pain and stiffness. We were cracking up as I said "But I'm not into leather." Anyway, I tried it and it worked! He said one can buy actual belts made especially for the purpose, but try this to see how it worked prior to going to expense of buying the special orthopedic one. This is why it works(helps back too) He said that one of the reasons we get so stiff and painful is that our muscles don't work in coordination in the correct way, so one muscle is being made to do all the work without assist muscles. Wearing the belt forces the assist muscles to work when we are asleep and in one position, instead of the one muscle getting strained, keeping us balanced in our sleep. The other exercise he gave me that helped the stiffness is the Kegal exercise, but instead of doing it rapidly like the gyne tells us. is to draw our pelvic floor muscle in slowly to count of ten and then release it and try and do this five times three or four times a day. This forces the pelvic muscles to take the load off the lower back, which in turn takes the pressure off the longer back muscles. I have done so well doing this I played raquetball the other day, which I have not been able to do (due to pain and stiffness) in years.

    Well hope something works for you.
    Love Cromwell
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    i grunt at the saggy frumpy woman in the mirror :)