how do you make it financially??? Respond anyone please

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  1. I am just at my wits end how am going to make it when I can no longer get out of bed?? We live off my hubbys 1,800 amonth and What I make serving tables.This hit us all of a sudden and I may lose my income .We have a hefty house payment or shall I say rent payment.I f i knew this was gonna happen I would have rented a cheaper place.We got a housemate which helps but just dont know what too do.Please anyone any ideas? I feel so hopeless and there is no way my children will understand because no one really takes this illness seriously.Thank god my hubby knows that this ilness can do.I told my 24 year old son about it and he said you guys barely get by now,Like I just have to continue.I am getting worse everyday and dont know when I will not be able to go anymore. Ruthie
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    know what u mean. even if we could get ss it takes years. we have sold everything we can and are in debt to our eyeballs. the little i work (6 hours /wk) goes toward paying for treatment. we have called all our creditors and gotten deferments. mabye u can talk to the manager of your apartment about getting out of your lease and renting a cheaper place. its worth a try
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    I am super scared. We have a $1,250 house payment monthly and although I work full-time+ now, I know it's burning me out and I would LOVE to not work or go part-time, but I am technically the breadwinner--aka I make more money than my husband (he makes $12/hr, I make nearly $14/hr, plus have a part-time seasonal job).

    Although that all sounds great, for about three months now, my husband was working at a crappy job and his paychecks were $400-$500 take home (he took out health/dental on his checks and was not getting full-time hours and was making 10.50 an hour at the time).

    Needless to say, we maxed out credit cards and finally had to go to our parents--now we owe them $3,000 and it's really heart-wrenching and embarassing to owe them money! But at least we didn't lose our house.

    My worst fear is that I wake up one morning and KNOW that I have to go part-time. It would just ruin us, especially since I am only 25 years old.
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    ask about a section 8 choice voucher...and any other county around you...that will be a nice relief...

    how old are your children?...does the 24 yr. live at home...?he needs to pay you some rent as well..anyone not in school should chip and and whatever or move out on their own...

    didn't hurt me...

    local non-profits, salvation army can help w/rent., are going to hve to get very resourcel...
    but start w/housing authority...

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    money & life & health & time, wouldn't it be nice for at least 3 out of 4 to be at the same time??? Dream on...

    Sorry, I don't know the process for applying for food stamps, but your local government representative should be able to help you. It's there to help you as a safety net in times of need.

    very best thoughts to you
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    While fight for disability(and going through a divorce)I lived on $400 a month for 3 yrs.Then when I finally did get disability(after a 6 yr. battle) I still do nto have enough money each month to pay ALL my bills.I woudl think about filing bankruptcy but I cannto afford it.I am in a rut ansd cannot get out.
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    for 20 years and now get Soc Sec as I am 65.

    If I didn't have a partner to share expense with, I would move back to a village in the Mid west where housing is much cheaper. (I live in LA where the cheapest house is around half a million.)

    I buy clothes at the thrift shop; don't go to movies or out to eat. Drive a 19 y/o car. Gave up my hopes of traveling when retired. Try to never use my one credit card.

    There have been posts here about getting cheaper and even free meds.

    It's tough for most of us.
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    Well we have 4 children, I am on full disability, & husband works two low paying jobs.
    Somethings that we do -

    - Neither of us smoke, & he only has a couple of drinks on the very rare occasion.

    - Almost all of our clothing comes from Op Shops

    - We bulk buy our food each fortnight, which saves on dropping into the shops just for 'this or that' & coming home with 1/2 the shop

    Somehow we always manage to get by somehow ;)

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    I went to school to become a nurse when I was 39 years old. Even though I worked 2 part time jobs, as well as going to school and being a mom and my hubby has a good job, I still had to take out school loans. Of course, we were just getting by with raising 3 kids, we didn't qualify for squat (grants & scholarships). Needless to say we got further and further behind and when I finally became an RN we were so excited. I Was making $16.00/hr (11 years ago) and we were getting caught up on everything. I had worked with CFID'S and Fibro until I just couldn't get out of bed anymore. I attempted 3 times to go back to work which all failed. By then I had pushed myself over the edge. Thank goodness my school loans were insured and when I won my diability my school loans were paid off. But in just a few weeks our income was slashed in half even though we had the same financial obligations.

    It was really rough for a long time. My husband worked as much OT as he could get his hands on. I tried clipping the coupons but that was really hard "brain fog". We cut back and back and back. I don't know how we made it. When I finally won my disability we took the lump sum and paid off what we had borrowed to live. By then there was nothing left. My disability is less than 1/4 of what I could make if I was working. I have a hard time with this knowing that I have the ability to help us out but can't.

    It's really sad that you can make so little money and yet not qualify for any kind of assistance. I would work as much as I'm able until you can get out of your rental contract. I would apply for housing assisstance because they can do a sliding scale and they are a little more liberal in their requirements than welfare.

    In the meantime get as much help as you can for your pain and other symptoms. When you feel you can't do it anymore. STOP. I would like to tell you STOP right now, but I can understand your situation and the stress of worrying about things can cause as much pain as working. I feel so much for you. It was a very scarey time in our life because we were raising 3 boys between the ages of 11 and 17. No one gave us a break on school enrollment or anything and yet I could look around and see who was getting reduced fees and it just didn't seem fair.

    My heart goes out to you dear. It's as if you don't have enoug to worry about. Take care and I'll be thinking of you.


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    coast(checked your profile first).You might try Medi-Cal if you are in Ca.We live in ca. They have several programs that helped me get by medically.It's not easy.I quit work and my husband lost 3 fingers.We ended up losing our house and our only car was repo'd.

    I have disability now and my husband is back to work.At 67 though I don't know how long he can with his bad back.Sorry,didn't mean to go on.The point is,we take it day by day,and solve each problem as it comes up.You will make it,but it might be a little different life than you anticipated.Linda
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    I know each of us are finding difficulty making ends meet, cutting back where we can, and in some cases asking for assistance. Some of the assistance is something we are entitled to, having paid our taxes for years

    Go after whatever you can, and keep looking fornew resources. This message board is great for new ideas and encouragement. ((((hugs)))) to you.

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    I haven't posted in quite some time as I've just been trying to survive. I was way overmedicated last summer and this fall (Topamax and then Toprol for tremors nearly killed me plus a major depressive episode which is finally under control).

    We ended up having to file bankruptcy. I hate it, but it had to be done. My family has been somewhat supportive, but not really. We had to file b/c of three job losses and I've had five abdominal surgeries. My aunt, who is an RN, asked me if they were really necessary.

    Needless to say, the stress isn't helping the fibro much. I am trying to take better care of myself, but it has been hard. Also have two teenagers, one has ADHD and isn't doing well in school. It's been very hard to concentrate lately and I can appear to be so out of it!

    I really wish more people understood this illness and how everyone is different. Just b/c I am in a lot of pain does not make me a hypochondriac. I still work two jobs and manage to keep a semi decent house.

    Sorry to rant and rave, but the financial part triggered a flood of emotions.
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    and even then it was only part time, but it was great because my kids were little and I could do the work at home. the company was right in town here. i made 15 an hour. then the company up and moved out of state.

    It has been tough. My husband works overtime constantly. He's almost never home. and he is tired to. He just turned 55. his back hurts all the time and he does physical work, he almost cant stand any more. I am scared what will happen. i need to go to work. my body is wrecked and my mind is blown (brain fog). we are sending our first to college in the fall. We got some financial aid and she got a scholarship but not enough.

    I will be looking for work. a sit down job. answer a phone maybe. i have FM and Crohns and asthma too. who will hire me?

    anyway, we shop at a ware house club. since hubby is in better shape of the two of us he does the bulk buying. we eat generic foods a lot. I keep a price book, and I cut coupons religiously. I'm always looking for deals on shampoo, i have 2 teenage girls with long hair. i found 22oz Suave for 69 cents last week; I bought a lot.

    I combine my errands to save on gasoline. The price of it scares me. I heard its suppose to go sky high this summer.

    Speaking of summer, I always have a garden and grow most of my own produce, we just add a little meat with it and presto we have a nice meal. i also freeze some. I have been known to set up a little table at the end of my driveway with the garden surplus and a little box for donations, you would be surprised how many put cash in for the vegetables.

    I shop at the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, once again combined with other errands.

    I keep the heat down in winter and use a blanket or put an extra sweater on.

    I sell stuff I dont need. I have made a fair amount of money selling old furniture, kids toys, baby stuff, and knicknacks, plus I have decluttered my house in the process.

    I watch the sale flyers for my kids clothes, I try to create the look of the more expensive stores for their wardrobes without going broke. I have bought my own clothes at Salvation Army; my wardrobe is pretty bad.

    Once or twice I had to go to the food pantry. I was so embarrassed I went to one out of town that didnt require a proof of residency.

    We are blessed, we have a roof over our head (which we have refinanced 5 times to get the mortgage as low as we can) and our medical insurance is pretty good. Unfortunately it didnt pay for a lot of the interventions for my daughter's Aspergers and I just about went broke paying for that stuff.

    If I think of any thing else I will come back and put it down.

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    I believe I had a Stafford Loan. This was 14 years ago and I don't know if they're are still around. In the beginning I called the number on my coupon book and explained I was having health problems. They gave me a year's reprieve with no interest. In fact, they were impressed I bothered to call. They must have a hard time collecting student loans I think. After my reprieve I started making payments again because I had no other choice. When I got my disability, I stopped getting the coupons that I sent in with my payment. After a month or two (it took me that long to figure out I was forgetting to pay it) I called them and they told me my loan was insured for things like this. I've never received anything else on it for 4 years now. What a Godsend mixed with a lot of dumb luck.

    Bippi & the rest of you
    I am so impressed with all of the sacrifices you have made to continue on. It makes me feel so humble and like I have nothing to complain about. There is so much strength out there. I know it's not by choice. It seems there is always someone worse off than you are. I once heard that if we were all to put our troubles in a great big pile. We would gladly pick ours up and walk away with a bowed head. I think that's true. When I see what some of you have gone through, I too would gladly pick my troubles out of the pile and walk away humbled. I think we have all learned how to deal with our problems because they came upon us slowly. To anyone else it would be totally overwhelming. God Bless all of you. I've been there and I'm still there. With much admiration and love. LuAnn
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    We live on the exact same income you are .we are a family of 6 is a none profit organization helping to feed people in 35 states.any church or organization can participate.It has cut our grocery bill from 600 a month to only 200.a month now.thank god for the help.they help any one regardless of how much money any one makes.state insurance k-chip for my children .wic helps .yard sales ,thrift stores,churches etc.take care and god bless .kelly
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    I live in Australia on disability pension we never have money to spare but our morgage is fairly low $300 mnth we have a little land so grow veges I fell recently and broke my wrist so if I was working I could have claimed sickness benefits. My hospital, xrays etc cost nothing as we have medicare here govt insurance my meds are a lot cheaper on the pension so I guess we are lucky here do not have to fight to live good luck to all who find it hard
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    i am one of the lucky one's i guess, my ss disability was $998.00 then child suppport comes out and the total deposit is $772.00. i went on hud and only pay $150.00 rent on a 2 bedroom house.
    however i have a pretty cool family my dad owns his own business and if i get in a pinch he helps me out. and my brother is cool about loaning me money if i need. so i am very lucky to say the least. even on these incomes i am very limited on what i can do. i do a lot of house cleaning when my fatigue is gone.

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    I know most people would not do this, but I play the stock market from home on my PC. I make a weekly income from it (not much) and along with my SSD check make ends meet.
    Luckily the house is paid for and I get alimony from my ex.
    Playing the stock market takes loads of study. I have CNBC on all day, read 'The Wall Street Journal' and all the financial shows that are on Saturday and Sunday.

    It takes some getting used to and some weeks I do very well, some weeks just OK, but I have never lost in a one week period. Sometimes daily, but not weekly.
    I hope that helps.

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    hi Ruthie..that is my name too!!..I have had a hard time..when I can work I work one day a week and I can make it..but, have not been able to work this week..maybe next I make take home about 200 or a bit more..i really want to work..but, the pain is bad now.and come to find out it is not all the the ct scan showed some big problems in my lungs and bronci..and going to a specialist next week..started on a very stong antibiotic and the co pay was $30 seems like all the meds have a large co pay...I do have a few friends that come over and bring food and help friend gets me body and bath lotion and things like that..It is just hard...really you can hardly buy anything at all..just to keep up with things is difficult...I have paid this morgage for 23 years and hate to think I would have to sell it as I find peace here..but, I think of it a lot..selling things ..I have done that a lot..even sold my freezer and a lot of things..could sell more things for sure..but, to have a yard sale takes a lot of energy it is a toss up..just do not go anyplace or drink or smoke or buy unneeded things..get things on sale and go to your family's on ocassion and have a meal with them that is fun ..I like getting things at thrift stores too and have gone to the food bank..but, felt terrible as I have known the people and was so weird I grew up with a lot of food in a family grocy store..I am alone..have rented out room in the basement for a time..that helped..I live on so little..Good luck to you ..
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    I thought this is a good subject.