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  1. puppyluvx3

    puppyluvx3 New Member

    Just curious as to how and what most of you do to bring in money?

    As a single person, I do not have a spouse that I can rely on and unfortunately the money that I do get through my disability is hardly enough to cover even half of my rent.

    Thought maybe if others posted what works for them, well maybe that would help some others in need. I am sure I don't need to explain how stressful and difficult this can be - it only adds to our awful condition.

  2. serenityskyline

    serenityskyline New Member

    For extra money, I make quilts, purses and all types of craft type items. It is also a stress reliever for me.

    God Bless!!!

  3. PVLady

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    I recently posted you can make money selling used books on Amazon. The website on Amazon explains everything. They have really done a great job. (you can also sell other items on Amazon, you will see on site)

    I tried it as a experiment a couple of months ago and in about 6 weeks had made $1,400 profit. I listed about 200 books I had collected. Many were nice books. Cook books, self help etc.

    If you study the site you will understand. There is also a forum on Amazon where sellers share information. One person posted recently the main resources for obtaining used books.

    There is a company called Uline where we bought the shipping materials for the books and cd's. I first became interested because I have a customer who is doing it big time. He has $50,000 in inventory and grosses $300,000 a year. He buys books from charities.

    On a smaller scale, it is just a numbers game. You can go to Amazon and where you see new books for sale, they also ask if you have a used book to sell. That is how you get started.

    They deposit money directly in your checking account once a month, but after you have been selling over a month, you can request disbursement. If you can get your hands on used books from family and friends, they check yard sales, etc. You will definitely make money.

    This is not big money overnight, but I will say, until I put my site on vacation, it was steady. People from all over the world are looking at the Amazon site.
  4. puppyluvx3

    puppyluvx3 New Member

    Thank you to those that gave some input - I do really appreciate it!

    PVLady I was very interested in your suggestion about trying to sell books on Amazon. That would probably work best for my current situation. I really wish I could "chat" more with you about this, but unfortunately this forum does not allow sending emails. Is there any way to send you my email info. or no? Otherwise I guess I'll just go the Amazon site and hopefully find the info. there somewhere.

    By the way PVLady - where might I find your post regarding this?

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