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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by puppyluvx3, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. puppyluvx3

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    I posted this in another area as well, but in case some of you just look here under Lyme - I am desperately trying to find out how people with our chronic conditions can make money?

    I thought if others posted what works for them, well maybe that will help out some of us who are searching for answers. I just feel like there has to be something that can be done from home, on our own schedules, but whenever I research this, I just end up with scams.

    Hopefully someone can help - thanks!
  2. jarjar

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    I remember one woman stating she ironed clothes from her house. She would set the board low in front of the couch and watch T.V. and iron. Worked when she wanted to. Guess it depends how much you like ironing. Pet sitting as mentioned is a good idea also as so many people work and leave dogs locked upa all day.
    I remember one woman that took phone calls for people that call into order things on the t.v. All she had to do was get charge card and shipping address.
    She could sign in and work whenever she chose.


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