how do you manage not working for years

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    I lost everything trying to wait for SS to evaluate my app nad the second time I was denied I gave up.That was back around '99 or '00. Now an attorney I emailed says I must call them once I have been off work for months. I have FMLA to apply for but only 3.5 weeks IF I find my dr helps me get FMLA. Ther are no guarantees he'll do that. I then will be back nearly on the streets again. I really do not know what to do.I have ltd on my job but I need 90 days off work to even qualify for that, but who knows what they consider as qualifying for LTD.
    Again, I ask how are you affording to not work FT, PT something to clothe, feed and shelter yourselves. Not to mention pay for medical care ? Am I not clueless ????
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    It would be very helpful to know where you are located, as things vary from state to state.

    I am in North Alabama,100 miles from B'ham. Around here a lot of the churches help people out.

    Need more info.Filling out your profile helps us know you better so we can give you more direction.
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    It sounds like you are having a difficult and frightening time.
    I had to stop working completely, and it was terrifying. I am still so unsure about my future, but I am just concentrating on getting well and taking care of my mom( read bio). Luckily for me, I was able to move back home when this illness got out of conmtrol. Is that a possibility for you?

    Hopefully other people reading your message will have some suggestions, people here have always been very helpful to me.
    Keep us posted on your progress, you are cared about here,

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    Not sure what your state offers as far as State Disability. In CA we have a good program that will pay you up to 50% of your usual salary for up to one year. I think that we have to pay something like $400 per year for this coverage.

    I am very fortunate in that I work for a very large aerospace company that offers additional LTD insurance that we are able to buy. They give us 40% for free and you can buy up to 70% for pennies per month. It is a good thing that I went for the max. So now that I am 9 months of not working due to RA, and some bad complications from that, I am getting 70% of my income.

    The disability carrier in not all that great (UNUM Provident) and I have been warned by many people about their less than acceptable tactics. My doctors are currently supporting me not working...will have to make a decision on applying for SSDI soon, as my disability company requires that I do so, if my disability is considered permanent.

    Also, fortunately, my company allows for up to 24 months of LTD...meaning that I am still an employee, and therefore only have to pay for my portion of my medical insurance. It is NOT cobra, where I would have to pay 100% of my insurance.

    So, you should look into any state programs. Is your injury due to work? Or your PTSD (if so, you might want to look into victim programs your state might offer). It is important to discuss with a they are the ones who can determine if we are actually disabled and unable to do our jobs. Also, most insurance companies pay for 2 years (if you are considered unable to do your own job) and then can stop paying you unless you are considered unable to do ANY job. This also depends on your age, and your level of education.

    Also, there is SSI, or Supplement Security Income, which you can qualify for if you have a very low income and have very minimal assets. I think you can own a car, but that is about it. Your local churches may be able to help. There are also prescriptions programs, medical assistance through county or state run programs. Applying for SSDI is sometimes tough, and if you have had gaps in your employment, you might have a tough time coming up with the necessary numbers of quarters of work.

    You should call the attorney, and they should be able to give you some ideas. Also, they should not charge you, and I believe that if you do apply for and get SSDI, they can only take 25% or $5300 (whichever is more) of your back pay. Also, after 2 years you would then be eligible for Medicare.

    I hope that helps somewhat.

    Good luck.