How do you manage your pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by daylight, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. daylight

    daylight New Member

    I'm courious about how other's manage thier pain on a daily
    bases. I'm dealing with a lot right now and could use some helpful tips.
  2. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    If you are dealing with a lot of pain, you need a good analgesic. However, along with that, there are other things that can be effective.
    Pacing yourself is key. We need to rest more frequently and I find that rest helps. Depending on where your pain is,heat or ice can help. Epsom salts baths are good. I also find that meditation helps me to be less anxious and to relax around the pain. Massage is another thing that helps me.
    There are many things that people have tried and reading some of the old posts might help.
    You will likely get more replies to this.

    Best of Luck

  3. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    I don't take many meds, just Cymbalta (60mg) and Trazodone for sleep. The Cymbalta worked well in the beginning but doesn't help much now, although I keep taking it. I also practically live on Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gels. If you haven't tried them, you should. I am amazed at how quickly they work. Not a miracle by any means, but very helpful.

    I've also found that keeping busy helps a lot. When my mind's not focused on the pain, I can actually forget about it momentarily, sometimes even for an hour or two. I don't always have the energy to stay busy, especially after work, but when I force myself to go somewhere or do something I find that I get through it surprisingly well.

    This is of course for the daily, more moderate pain. A severe flare or wave of pain is something else entirely, and nothing I've ever done has made a dent in the pain. It's so frustrating. I hope you can find something that works for you.

    I'll be watching this thread to see if others have any pearls of wisdom!


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  4. kbak

    kbak Member

    A couple of things that has helped greatly with my pain is, #1. Diet. Fibro/CFS people need a low sugar diet. There's studies behind this. I have worked myself into a very low sugar diet, and notice the difference right away if I have had a little to much sugar now.

    Sugar really is a drug that you have to wean off of. Doesn't happen overnite, but worth working on. #2. I use amino acids, especially DLPA, which acts as an amino acid analgesic. I also use L-tyrosine.

    #3. Not overdoing. You would think after all this time I would have learned not to overdue, but oh no, the minute I feel decent, I try to make up for lost time. A big lose, lose, without fail.

    #4. Getting decent sleep. My pain was getting way out of control because I wasn't sleeping. When I got the right prescription, and the alternatives I use, I have been sleeping better and in less pain. If I lose one night's sleep, I will be in pain the next day.

    Hope you find the right combination of things to get the right pain control for you. Lots of really good advice on this site!
  5. michelle-NC

    michelle-NC New Member

    Oh, the pain ... it just doesn't end. I'm prescribed Vicoden for pain, and take Prozac also, although I'm not really a depressed person, this does seem to make me sleep better, which in turn, seems to help the pain level. Getting sleep is CRUCIAL to dealing with pain. Meditation, rest, calming influences, and of course, medication. Good luck. Hope you have a good doctor!
  6. daylight

    daylight New Member

    For the tips. This day has been sooo horrible. It's so wonderful to have this web site for support.
  7. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    I'm on a regular regimen that includes:

    AM - Cymbalta 60 mg and Ultracet 2 tabs.

    PM - Ultracet 2 tabs and Neurontin 1200 mgs.

    Some people on the board take opiate products; however, Ultram is the favored among doctors. The Ultracet is a combination of Ultram and Acetominophen.

    I still have some pain, especially at about 2 to 3 during the day. I am working and the pain can cause problems. For "breakthrough" pain, all I can take is an added muscle relaxer. Sometimes it works, and sometimes not. I'd hate to think of what the pain would be like if I weren't on the meds!

    I feel much better in the evening after the Ultracet and Neurontin "kick in."

    The most miserable part of this whole DD is the chronic fatigue. That part really "craps" me out!!!! I'm at my best right now and in general pain with costochondritis, general aches all over (flu like feeling), and the fatigue. That's best!??

    Warmly, Jeannette
  8. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I'm just about like everyone else ....

    * Pace myself. I have tons of other problems that prevent me from doing much at all. I'm in a recliner more than I am up working. If I work for 15-20 min., then I'm down for an hour.

    * Keep moving. Even though I am pacing myself, if I didn't get up and move and do something every hour, I would be in a lot worse pain.

    * Heating Pad. Most of the time when I am down for a hour, I am using my heating pad.

    * Take steaming hot showers.

    * I take Cymbalta and Neurotin which help with the fibro pain.

    * I've had a sleep study and now sleep with a CPAP and oxygen which help me get a better night's sleep. I also take Zanaflex before bed.

    * When I'm hurting really bad, especially my back, I take a Lortab. It doesn't seem to help my fibro pain, but it does help all my back pain.

    Hope you feel better.


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