How do You pull out of depression and get going again?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, Jul 23, 2006.

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    I tried not to let getting fired get to me. I tried not to let the fighting for the unemployment get to me. When I start having money problems I have a hard time handling it. Now I'm 2 pmts behind on my house,can't get any help. Not very many work opportunities around this small area when you have some disabilities that prevent you from working like you used to. I've racked my brain for the last 2 wks trying to figure out what would be best for me. It's hard when you don't have full mental capacities like you used to. I was always a problem solver and could come up with ideas I could work with. Was good with money and very good at living on a budget.

    I'm depressed now and uppped my zoloft. I know I need to get out of this house but what do you do when you don't have the strength to take a shower let alone go somewhere. In the last week I've been out once and that was because I had to go get zoloft and letter from dr. I need to clean the house and get some things ready to sale,things I don't need anymore. Also the first part of Aug my former coworkers want me to come up there for a birthday party for one of them. I always took care of that and made all the plans,we had a bd party for all of us that worked our shift. And I want to see them. I miss them.

    My sister wanted me to go to TX this last weekend with her to see my sis who just had surgery and see the baby again but I have been so sick this week I just couldn't go. I tried to get my stuff ready to go but didn't have the strength. I want to see them. My nerves are getting to me. Of course I can't sleep. She's supposed to bring them back but not sure if they're going to. They will stay with sis and Mom about 10 minutes away.

    I've got to get myself together. Got to find a parttime job. Will probably need to find a place to live and I've already said don't want to leave my house. How do you deal with it? What's your way of coping? Probably the more I set around the worse I will be.

    Thanks for all your caring and suggestions you all give to me.Keke
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    Well, first make sure its depression and not another medical problem.

    Then cut yourself some slack. REST I mean real REST. Spoil yourself .Sleep in .take warm baths ,Drink lots of Green Tea. Eat Healthy. And take sometime just for you. OK maybe you have stayed in, but have you given yourself permission to do this without the quilt? It makes a difference in how well we are really resting.

    I think part of Depression comes over us when we are not taking quality time for our own needs. We need to lesson to our Body's mind and spirit and comfort our own being with things that are special for us." Stop and smell the Roses."

    Everyday get up open your blinds take a deep breath and count your blessings. Regroup .Read a book or Mag.

    Go get your Hair done. Buy some fresh flowers from the store and write yourself an appreciation letter and mail it back to your self.

    Tell yourself you matter to yourself and become your new best friend. Promise to take care of yourself better.

    Dare to Dream and even look at jobs you'd love to try out , weather you qualify or not .Dress up go to an interview and go for it. What's the worse that could happen? Give yourself permission to fail.

    You might have a new experience or meet someone and find out your life is really pretty good. Go in Character .Just have some fun. Don't take things to serious for a few days.

    Take a day at a time. Things will get better .I was just like you a few weeks ago I could hardly take a shower and I would get out and have to take a 30 min rest or nap.
    I'm learning to talk to myself positive .Just opening my blinds I'd tell myself how good that is for me.

    Anyhow I went to Dinner and a movie yesterday with my husband .Something Ive not been able to do for about a year. My pain is still here and it was hard to set there but it was GREAT to laugh at the movie .I may be in the house all week now but I accomplished something I tried and it was good for me.

    Do one new thing everyday even if its just opening up a different window. Let me know how you are doing and give me some hints of new things that I should try. Sorry this is so long. I hope this will help you it did me.I hope you dont think I'm to nuts.

  3. Lunatic2

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    to let you are special & someone is praying for you.

    I understand what your saying.
    Sometimes you just need to sleep. That's okay,just make yourself eat small meals a few times a day and drink alot of water.
    Coping: When I feel unhappy/stressed with life, I do the above.
    One thing you can count on is that "it" will change.

    Do you know the serenity prayer?

    Ask God for wisdom about the things you can change, and the courage to do so. Ask God to give you the strength to do the things you need to do.Ask God to show you the way you should go (in reguard to your thoughts and life experiences)then "Thank God" before you know exactly what those answers are.

    HOW TO GET THROUGH THE DAY- some ideas-
    1. play your FAVORITE MUSIC
    listen to words that are inspirational.
    Christian music helps me. The words are from the Bible and this helps me connect to our creator.
    2. READ your BIBLE
    in PSALMS- this helps anxiety/depression.
    in PROVERBS- to help make right decisions.
    3.REMEMBER-GOD IS IN CONTROL just surrender all your anticipated problems to HIM. HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH ALL THE ADVERSITY.

    Think of yourself as a child, then help "that child".YOU!
    Take Care and know that you are loved. You are here for a reason...just take one step at a time and GOD BLESS YOU.

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    do yu take klonopin at night for sleep? that may give you some help...

    i am not feeling well at this moment i need to get off her..

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    My heart goes out to you, you have received a lot of good advise here already..Just wanted you to know I will say prayers for you for guidence.

    to better days
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    You have gotten some super advice from others and that alone makes me feel better with my depression because we have this message board and can share things with some of the most compassionate people on this earth. My heart goes out to you. You definitely have a lot on your plate. I'm reading a book, "48 Days To The Work You Love", by Dan Miller. It was recommended by Dave Ramsey, a Christian financial counselor, who has a radio program and a wonderful website: Anyway, it talks about how sometimes getting fired can be a blessing in disquise and you could see this as a way to find your "inner calling", or look for work that suits your needs and wants better than the last job. I know that is really hard, though, because I am just trying to get well enough to go back to work. Please try to take extra good care of yourself and try not to beat yourself up mentally. It is hard to be positive when you are down and you feel bad. Be sure to eat healthy foods, rest, and give yourself permission to release the past and take baby steps to what you need to do. I wish I knew the right things to say to make you feel better...just know we all care about you and about each other. Communicate, get it out, and take a deep breath.

    Love and blessings to you!


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