How do you say CFS and FM in German?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Prunella, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    My MIL has some visitors here from Germany and she has tons of things planned for us to do with them. I would like to be able to explain to them what I have so they understand why I may not participate in everything. I also have endometriosis, so that would be another word I could use in German.

    I have been feeling so much better lately and I don't want to over exert myself and get sick again. Any German speakers out there? I speak a little German, so I could put it into a sentence if I knew the words.

  2. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

  3. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    Thank you so much, Angela! That is such a big help!!! I will be taking them to church tonite, so I am glad to have this ready. I am printing it out.

    Love your little dog! Take a look at mine! Ours is a little mutt! What is yours? I see some similarities.

    Your German is very good. Are you from Germany? Our visitors are from near Berlin.
  4. DeborahHutchby

    DeborahHutchby New Member

    I live in germany too, in Koln! Where are you based? Do you have fibromyalgie too?
    Nice to talk to someone else out there who is English speaking and in pain!
  5. DeborahHutchby

    DeborahHutchby New Member

    Hey prickles, sorry you are alone without hugs, not nice!

    I did go a fibro help group here but it was alot about what supplements I could take and at the time I hurt too much to sit for hours listening about supplements in german! My pain is a bit better now so maybe mopre alternative therapy would be worth looking into now!

    I do find that the Doctors here like tabletts alot mor that in England. I recommend really finding out about the drugs and maybe getting 2nd opinion on them. Every dr wants to perscribe you another 5 tablets and none seem to work as all symptoms are from the fibro.

    The Rheumatologist proved best for me here! They do like you to go for massages etc all which are expensive if no krankenkasse for them, and no help for me!

    Do you have a dr in Bavaria? Are you working? Have you made any friends there?

    Well hug from me anyway,

    guten nacht! Deb
  6. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Just wanted to add that the g in Fibromyalgia is a hard G sound, not the soft g that we pronounce it with.

    Or...I've got it completely backwards, ooooops!

    Prickles, we have hugs in Stuttgart!!


    Nancy B
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  7. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    This board is amazing! Thanks for all the help! Angela, your German is outstanding! I grew up with German speaking parents, but your German is way better than mine! When I started Kindergarten I mostly spoke German. I was so mortified to speak different from the other kids, that I wouldn't speak German again after that. I am still like that today even though I took German in H.S. and college. Funny how things like that stick with you. I admire your motivation to learn the language. Also, thank you so much for the tip on mosoft Word. I will look to see if we have that.

    I forgot to ask how to say Irritable Bowell Syndrome. Anyone?

    A while back there was a thread asking what nationality we all were. German and American Indian seemed to come up a lot for CFS, so I am wondering if it is quite common in Germany. Two of the visitors are retired doctors (a married couple). They are from near Leipzig. I haven't had a chance to discuss this with them yet.

    I have never been to Germany. Too busy with work, kids and then this disease. I would like to go, but traveling is such a stress. Maybe someday?
  8. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    Your dog is soooo cute! What a great picture!
  9. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    Another great picture. Is that the Netherlands? It's beautiful.

    Your statement is exellent and I love the way it translated into English. Simple and to the point. Very helpful. Danke!
  10. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    How is your daughter doing? I haven't been here much lately, but I know you were going thru a difficult time with her. My daughter is 19 and has finally started to find her way after many difficult years.

  11. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I really stopped talking about it didn't I?

    It's not good although the past 2 weeks have been a bit easier than all of the other ones.

    I've learned a lot since she came home, have been through the grieving process because she'll never be the woman we thought she'd be and that's ok. She's my sweetheart and I'll take care of her for as long as she'll let me.

    She prefers the term "psychologically challenged" and we're dealing with it. She's had another recent med change and with each change now for the past 5 or 6 weeks it feels like we're getting closer to finding the right mix for her.

    We went through some very difficult times in these past 6 months or so and my greatest wish is for her to allow us to continue with her health care and medical coverage even though it may mean we need to take guardianship of her again before her 21st birthday.

    I don't see her keeping a college schedule up, I know she's not capable and that's ok too. If we can keep her medicated, with some type of job she likes and if she can carve out a comfortable place in the world for herself, even if it's with us forever, I'll be ok with that.

    She's a master at hiding how she feels though so I have to be careful not to relax too much. I can think she's doing well and the truth can be very different.

    We're going to get her a Golden Retriever pup in the next few months as a psychiatric service dog although if she decides to leave unexpectedly, I'd never allow her to take the dog. (She can barely take care of herself)

    So anyway...thanks so much for asking. I know I should update but it's so difficult and everything can change so quickly around here and often does.


    Nancy B
  12. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    You have all been so helpful!

    A free translation website. That's great! Will check it out.

    Nancy, I pray that it gets better for your daughter. Has she tried getting involved with a church? I think my daughter's religious upbringing has kept things from getting worse. There is a new book out by the actor Stephan Baldwin about meaning of life, etc. I bought it for my son. I saw him on the Today show and was very impressed by what he had to say. I know your daughter's problems are very serious, but it might help.

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