How do you spell" OVERDID IT" ?I am just a big spasam

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    Here it is the week before my Oldest daughter is getting married . { IT is on saturday in Roy and it is a hours drive from where I live }
    My 78 year old mom called and watned me to go to town with her so I did and we walked all over the store for her to find the three items she needed and in finding what she needed she and I walked al over the store to pick up some of the food for the family dinner on saturday and we must have been walking for about 2 hours threw the store and then we have to get gas for the car.

    I was already dying of pain from pulling my shoulder muscles, ligiments, tendons you name it . I was hurting so badly that my stomache was not Happy with me and I just hurt so badly that I was haveing a hard time walking,& moving. My goal was to get the things she needed and to go home and pass out from pain, And I would have taken my pain meds and muscels relaxant but I can tripp over my shadow with out anything being ther let alone being on soma.

    So finally we got to her house and she thinks that she can carry things and lift more than I can so she starts out lifting the box of eggs and tow jugs of apple juice and aboaut tripped up the stairs and I grabed her with the sore arm to keep her from falling and she didn't fall but daarn it I hurt like you know what.!!!!

    We got all her gorceries in the house and I am thinking now she will drive me back to my house as she had picked me up at my house and it is to hot to be walking in this heat and I had NO energy left.

    But she had to mop her floor first and then my daugther calls and wants us to help her get all the things for her wedding cake and the cake mixes for the two sheet cakes and again we went through sams club at high speed and I don't do the walking FAST at all but i was trying to keep up with this daughter and I was not doing it so well and then I had to crawl in to the back of the truck double cab and I don't fit in the 2 ft back seat at all and it hurts me to even get into the back seat, but I was doing what i have been saying NOt telling her that I was in pain

    I was in so much pain from getting in to that crawl space of a back seat that I could not get my feet and legs to get in to the truck it was a bad thing to see a fat lady trying to get stuffed in to the little back seat. NOT GOOD AT ALL, But I finally did it.

    Then it was off to another store when I sat on a really hard bench and waited for her and mom to finishe getting the things they needed, Little did I know that she was getting about $130.00 worth of cake stuff. Which we had to put in the back of the truck. THen once again I aws stuffed in that back seat and my back was in a spasam and of course my daughter had to tell me that I was walking funny and I had "THAT" look on my face! What look I asked her as she glared at me<" You know what I mean like your the only person in the world who is in pain" I said I didn't think I had that look on my face and I was trying to look like I didn't feel like someone was running over me with the mack truck and just kept running over my back and they left me there . I felt like I had been beaten with a base ball back. I told her I was sorry if I had " THAT" Look on my face. I would do better next time as she mutter " what next time"? I try and be nice adn do everything that I can with her and for her but walking is so hard and extremly painfull. for me that I don't want to do it.

    WE got to mom's and unloaded the stuff from the back of the truck but I can't lift at all so Iwas being handed bags of cake mix and all the other stuff and I was hurting so badly that I wanted to throw up. Finally she left and went to school { NIght school in business} and Mom and I took all this cake stuff to the lady who is making hte cake and thankfully my neice and her boy friend were there and they lifted the two boxed of stuff and three dozen eggs.

    Mom broght me home and I came in to my house and sat on the couch and bawled like a baby because of the pain . If I had some money I would have gone to my pain doctor and had him give me a shot of some thing really strong to take the pain away but I didn't and they demand payment when you see him and I am up to date but I don't want to get behind in the payments to him. I finally ate some chicken soup and I took my pain pills and soma and got inmy night gown and grabbed a pillow off my bed and came up stairs and laid on the couch and dozed off and on for about 2 hours and I still hurt so bad that I want to scream and I am just a bit KNOT in my cak , hips, thighs, shoulders wrist OK my whole body. That is what happens when you have fibro and Chronic meyofacial pain syndrome, degeneritive disc diease. spinal stenosis, arthritis in both knees and in my back and my left wrist.. I am 49 and I feel like I am far older and I am so upset atht I cna't do the things my 78 year old momther can. I am so tired of being tired and having family tell me that if I would just go to bed and sty in bed and not get up several times in the night i would feel better and if I would do some arobic exericise's and lose weight I would feel better and not need pain pills.

    I don't want much from the kids just uncondtitional love and acceptance of me as their mom nothing more just that would be so great in stead of being judged all the time becasue Ia m taking pain pills and I have been on them off and on for the past 20 years. I am sorry that I am whinning about all the pain I am in. I am sorry that I am always whinning about me and my pityfull pain and I am always whinning all the time about me me me everthing is about me . I never say anything about anyone else just me. Or so I am told.

    I do want to tell you all that I could not get through this life of pain without friends that I have made here on this forum. I can't thank you enough for putting up with me when I am whinning and complaing about this horrid pain that lives with me. I am so so sorry if I am soudning like I am the only perosn here that is in pain and I know that I am not the only one who has this pain. I am sorry if I have made it sound that way. I am thankfull for your understanding . Thank you so much for you unconditional love that you show me all the time.

    Thanks for putting up with me and my whinning .
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    I am new here....and I just had to respond to you. Nothing I can say can make it better. I'm just as guilty of overdoing and trying to act like nothing is wrong...

    Just wanted to say take care of you and hang in there. At least, know you are not alone.

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