How do you test for Hypercoagulation

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  1. smilemona

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    I've read a lot about hypercoagulation being a big factor for CFS stuff. What kind of test would show that? Is there something I can look for on my current blood work papers that I have at home?
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    type in hypercoagulation in the search messages and it will pull up information for you.. A lot of people have been discussing it recently. It is done by Hemex Labs in Phoenix Arizona. On the internet, type in hemex and it will pull up info. for you. Dr. Berg and his wife run it...

    take care crissy.....
  3. smilemona

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    Crissy...for telling me about the lab in AZ. I'll do the search you suggested.
  4. smilemona

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    Is it anyone's experience that Hypercoagulation and Endometriosis go hand in hand? Or can you have one without the other?
  5. crissyfamily

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    when you read about why Dr. Berg started looking into hypercoagulation in cfids it was because they were finding that was the problem why that women in general (w/o cfids/FM) who could not get pregnant or kept miscarrying had a hypercoagulation problem. Dr. Berg goes into this on his internet site...

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    This is what I know. Ask you doc and also do a "search."

    Hypercoagulation Profile:

    PTT (LAC)
    Lupus Interpretation
    Phospholipid Neutral
    Hexagonal Phase Neut


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    Thank you for your input. :)