How do you travel more than a month if you are on narcotic prescriptions?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by adberens, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. adberens

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    I am looking forward to spending 3 months in Florida and getting out of Michigan cold and snow. The problem is I am on narcotic meds such as Ms Contin and Dilaudid which require me to go to the doc every month to pick up the script and have it filled here in MI.

    My sister is willing to go to the doc and pick up the script and fill it for me but the doc told me it would be illegal for her to mail it to me in Florida.

    There has to be a legal way to travel when you are on control meds. Does anyone know the answer?

    Thanks, Ardy
  2. dragon06

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    My parents travel from Canada to FL for 5 months every year. Her doctor just writes her a script (for all her narcotics) ahead of time and gives her the full amount. She then carries a letter with her from her doctor stating her medical conditions and why she needs these meds.

    However if you are in the USA and you use a Pharmacy like Walgreens you could have your sister drop off the prescription for you and tell Walgreens that you will pick it up at whatever location is closest to you in FL. That's what I do when I travel to visit my parents in FL (I live in NJ), I just have my prescriptions filled at the closest Walgreens there and they can get the script from the Walgreens that your sister dropped it off at...just make sure she tells them you will be picking it up in FL. You could even probably make arrangements with the pharmacist ahead of time if you use a large pharmacy like this that has multiple locations.
  3. adberens

    adberens New Member

    I called our local Walgreens and they said that was not possible but maybe I just talked to the wrong person.
  4. 3gs

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    I s it possible for your doc to write 3 month supply? I fill mine at 120 a month.

    Take your bottle with you that shows refills and they should to do. You can show id to prove who you are. I know some narcotics require a written script each time. Is this what you meant by sis taking it?

    Recall drugstore and ck info. Maybe call one where you are going and ask them.

    good luck
  5. dragon06

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    I am on narcotics...Oxycontin and Vicodin and I have done this before with Walgreens.

    However your doctor can write you a prescription that will last the amount of time you will be gone if you explain to her/him what you are doing and where you are going. I know my mother travels with 5 months worth of Fentanyl and Percocet from Canada to the US so there must be a way for the doctor to just write you a 3 month supply and you fill it all at once instead of the normal 30 day supply.
  6. Asatrump

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    What does your insurance company say about paying for several months? Mine will pay for sometimes only 30 pills depending on the drug and scripts like ambien and valium must be picked up at the MD office, they can not be phoned in to any pharmacy.

    Maybe each state has different requirements? I think my doctor would willingly write things, but my insurance will nix them.
  7. dragon06

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    when I have to travel I call my insurance company and inform them of this. The I fax them a copy of my Itinerary which proves that I am traveling and for how long and they put in an override so that I can get my meds. My mom does the same thing in Canada.
  8. msbsgblue

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    There are ways to do this. My pharmacys have mailed mine to me when I have been out to AZ for a year.

    It may just be that pharmacy you are using.
  9. sugarpeach

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    Happy New year to you and yours!! I was wondering if you could tell me where you live in NJ? I live in Cape May Court House (just north of Cape May) and I am looking for a new Dr. I just see my regular Dr at this time and my meds are not working as well as they have and he isnt comfortable prescribing anything stronger than Hydrocodone and Lyrica. I have FM.CFS, several disc herniations in my neck and nerve pain in my right arm and hand. Ive been to a pain management Dr. in CMCH but he put me on MS Contin and then tried Kadian but all they did was maje me tired I still had to take short acting meds for breakthru on daily basis. Im the only one working right now and if i cant get up and get to work I will run out of days and then we will lose our house and I cant bear to cause my children anymore pain so I keep pushing but as the school year progresses(I teach kindergarten and first grade reading) its getting harder and harder, only 5 sick days left! So if you could I'd really appreciate the name of your Dr. or any other in NJ or Pa that you would recommend. Sorry this was so long. Take care- Susan
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    Interesting responses. I live in IL. I once forgot to fill my new (written) script before I traveled to NY. It was for Lyrica (technically a controlled substance although not a narcotic). I filled it at a Walgreens and then asked to have it transferred to IL. They did do, but said that for this type of medication they could only do a state to state transfer once. Obviously, all I needed.

    As far as written scripts vs called in scripts, I don't get written ones anymore, both my primary physician and rheumy call them in even when I go for an office visit. I take ambien, tramadol and lyrica. For the Tramadol and Lyrica, my rheumy called in refills for a year. For the Ambien (primary physician), 6 months.

    My insurance won't pay for more than one month's supply at a time. I wonder though if the comments about written vs phone in is a state thing or insurance thing (although why would insurance be dictating this... just to make it more difficult?).

    I would specifically ask for the pharmacist at Walgreens and ask what you can and can't do. Maybe even call your local area one and then a FL one. If the state regulations differ, maybe you can have your Doc call it in to FL. There are alot of people that live in FL and spend their summers up North and people who live up north spending their winters in FL. Got to believe this is not a unique situation.

    Do narcotics really have to be on a written script? I don't know the answer to this, just curious if anyone knows. I know most can't have refills, but I know I've had Vicodin called in by my dentist (of course only 20 pills, but still).

    Good Luck

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