How Do You Travel More Than a Month if You Take Narcotic Meds

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    I lived in Richmond, VA and had a great doc who would work with me in different situations. I have recently moved to MI (ya, I know I was nuts) to be near my family because I become so sick I need more help than my husband can help. The cold here has made my pain unbearable.

    I have not found a good doctor. I take Ms Contin and Dilaudid. My husband has found a condo in Florida to rent (we can take our dogs) for 3 months. Everything was going great until I went to my doctor and he said there is nothing he can do to help me get prescripts down there. He would not write a double dose. My old doctor has in the past "creatively" worked around situations. This guy is ready to put the cabosh on my trip whether or not it would be better for me.

    Other people must do this. Does any idea how it is done? I don't know anyone in Florida or any doctor? I am going to Panama City.

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    I do it all the time. I live in NY and spend summers in Maryland. When you need your refill in your new location, simply go to your (same chain) Pharmacy and tell them you need to fill your home (Michigan) Prescription while you are in Florida.

    I have had Compounded Rxs filled and mailed to me out of state, and I used to get maintainance drugs shipped to me. It's really easy, don't worry. Just be sure you have enough refills at home before you leave.

    The laws may be different for Narcotics, I don't know.
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