how do you view your pain? as in where from and why there.?

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    I have read some articles and books on fibro but still find it hard to understand as there is no definate answers and lots of shady facts.
    my pain is moving from place to place all the time...and the thing that hurt before is then totally fine as if it was never in is it a brain disorder we have got or what, or is my back actually sore inside? or is my legs nerves all inflamed or does my brain play tricks with my nerve endings...
    i sometimes give up trying to work it all out and don't bother!
    just wondered how you view it all..i have posted all my q's recently and love getting the replies ..thanks.
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    I don't know...have to think about this question. But, this will bump it back to page one so others may have a chance to reply.

    One thing is that it seems that if my arm hurts, it's my arm, etc. But, I don't know it's the truth. My brain may be interpreting some innocent sensation as harmful and thus causing pain in my arm. In other words, the brain isn't sensing an injury and reacting, it's sensing a touch (don't know what else to use) and over-reacting by causing the pain. Make any sense?

    I have read about the oversensitive nervous system, etc. When it comes down to it, however, my arm hurts whatever the cause. But, to eleviate the pain, I would thing there would be two different approaches...but don't know there are...

    Good question for my foggy brain to chew on. I've read so much and much of it's floating around in my head and does me no good. (-:

    Hope you get some better answers.