How Do You Write Your Journal?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rockismom, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Rockismom

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    I've heard that keeping a journal describing how you are feeling is very helpful when filing for SSD. Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about doing this?

    I find that just getting my daily tasks at work completed is a huge challenge. Then to come home and try to sit and concentrate on something like this seems pretty hard pressed.

    Please share with me if you are keeping a journal and how you go about doing so? Do you make a chart and then just put check marks by description boxes indicating your levels of fatigue, pain, amount of sleep etc?

    Please advise!

    Thank you and gentle hugs,

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  2. moi482001

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    because you require as much information as possible. Also important to have them available if you are quizzed about your health. This is invaluable because if you are stressed when quizzed you might not remember all your aches and pains.

    My first doctor used to give me a body chart to identify the aches and pains and I would simply copy the page and record each day. Your mental health is also important. Don't let anybody make you think you are nuts, as some of them will. It is also good to record any activities you attempt.

    Good luck with all this-it took 18 months for me to get sorted for Ltd and the insurance. And the recording certainly helped.
  3. AuntTammie

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    When a journal was suggested to me, I felt like there was no way I was up for it either, but I decided to just start rating each day 1 - 10. I also write down if I was able to exercise, what I did, and how much. If I feel up to it, I might write more about specific symptoms, sleep, etc, but I don't feel obligated to do so. That takes some of the pressure off and still enables me to track what's going on better than just trying to remember. It has helped me to see if I am overdoing it, or not, too. As far as disability goes, if the different 1 - 10 ratings are clearly defined, they could also use this to see just how often you are having bad days. It might not tell them as much as a full fledged journal, but it would still be helpful....and you could tell them that you didn't do a full fledged journal bc you just don't feel well enough. That alone should give them a clue as to how much/little you are capable of due to this illness.
  4. Juloo

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    I have a program on my laptop called LifeJournal. I think it's version 2.0. You can set it to graph various things every day, and you can look back over a period of time to see how the graph looks. So you could do pain, fatigue, etc.

    Also, you can write as many journal entries as you want. You could even pop in a format for each day that you write yourself and just answer the questions instead of having to think of all that every day.

    There is also a timeline feature, so you can enter critical dates in your history (surgery, auto accident, treatments, etc.) to organize it all.

    You can find it online by Googling, I'm sure.

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