How does a sleep study work?

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    I posted the other night about not being able to get restorative sleep (so I think) for such a long time now, which I believe is a big part of my CFS symptoms. Thanks to everyone for your very helpful posts! Several responders suggested a sleep study and/or said it really helped them. My question do you get insurance to pay for one? I understand they are extremely expensive, and even though hubby's getting a large raise with his new job, our cost of living is also going to skyrocket and we will not have any extra money to spend. There is no way I can do this unless I can swing insurance coverage, and I am not about to become a guinea pig and go through an MD's whole supply of sleeping tablets (and probably flip out on most of them, given my history) before they'll sign an order for a sleep study.

    Any info. would be helpful. My husband ends his current job next week, but we'll have COBRA which the new company will pick up for the next 3 mo., 'til their waiting period expires and we will get their indemnity insurance. Right now, we have a Blue Cross of CA PPO.

    Thanks very much again for all the great information!
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    To my knowledge no one's insurance has turned down the ordered sleep study.

    The lady in his office who schedules special proceedures did make sure they scheduled my sleep study at a clinic within my insurance network but that wasn't a problem at all.

    Went in, did my sleep study thing and was on my way back home about 5am the next morning. Had the results that afternoon from the doctor himself. (Great customer service, LOL)

    Anyway, without the sleep study I would not have in my file a documented "cornerstone" of FMS /CFS. Alpha Intrusion and No REM sleep. From here the sleep medication best for me was pretty simple. It hinged on the no rem part of diagnosis ....

    Any medication (for anything) that is known to suppress REM sleep was removed from my treatment protocol. Lunesta 2mgs was added .... my biggest symptoms were not being able to fall asleep at a reasonable time and also not being able to stay asleep. Lunesta worked great for me.

    I believe, but not certain, that Xyrem is helpful for no rem ... definately one of the best alpha intrusion medications out there.

    Many, many of the typical medications rx'ed for our sleep problems would have made my world even worse. Just about all the anti-depressents to combat pain, trazadone and elevil at nightime for sleep, klonopin, gabapetin (neutotin) all suppress REM stage sleep.

    Had I not had my sleep study done, an educated guess of Alpha Intrusion would have been made ... correctly ... However, the No REM aspect never crossed anyone's mind and I would be miserable right now trying to function on No REM states and taking meds gauranteed to make it worse.

    As it happens, my sleep study was the first part of last June .... not long after that my doctor declared early remission.

    Go for that sleep study .... have the doctor's office scheduler touch base with your insurance company to make sure all the right things are in place. Fixing your sleep is one of the "must do's" in treating these illnesses.


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