How does a surgeon know if the surgery worked if you have Fibro?

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    I'm having Anterior Cervical Disectomy Fusion next Wednesday, and I have a few strange questions that concern me greatly!!!

    If you aren't aware of what this surgery is, its where they open up your neck and operate on 4 disks in my neck and do a fusion of sorts between the disks and put a plate in there to stablize it. One of the disks or bone spurs is pressing on the vocal cord, so that scares the heck out of me besides the surgery itself!!

    But one of my questions after surgery do they know it was a success if you still have the pain in both arms and neck area after recovery? To me this is like what came first...the chicken or the egg when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it was where I couldn't lift my arms and severe pain under my armpits and upper back area as well as not being able to write or have any use of my right arm at all. So they did an MRI and found the disk problems, so we went from there to a neurologist to schedule the surgery to correct the neck problems. But once again, how will the Dr. himself even know how well the surgery went if I'm still in alot of pain afterwards, and if he would think maybe the surgery didn't work or whether the pain is just caused from having Fibro?

    I know I'm not really explaining this too good, but right now I'm so upset and afraid of having this surgery, I don't know if I'm coming or going. Plus I've put myself in such a flair up right now, every part of my body just hurts so bad, I've spent the last few days in bed because of it.

    I'm also afraid that the surgery will correct the neck area, but leave me still in alot of pain afterwards and will be on pain meds the rest of my life!! Even the Dr. said I might have to be on them forever because of the Fibro alone. I'm just so confused right now, I am so upset and that brings on more pain, which makes me even more nervous about having the surgery and thinking of not doing it at all!!!!!!!!!!!

    Could someone please help me understand this theory about how would the Dr. know how successful the surgery went if I have Fibro anyway?
    Thank you to anyone who can help me with this!!!!
    Gentle hugs,
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    well, i would think that if the problem could be seen with x-rays and MRIs, and then the surgery fixed the problem, they could toss you in the MRI machine and something would show up differently. i'm not really familiar with the type of surgery but that would be my guess. also, if you're having nerve issues which prevent the use of your right arm- as opposed to pain issues preventing it- a successful surgery would presumably help with that.

    as for pain medication, i wont lie and tell you that fibro just goes away. it does get better sometimes for some people, to the point that you dont need meds on a regular basis. there are also a lot of different options as far as control of pain that don't involve narcotics... i haven't had much success with them personally, but some people do. things like physical therapy, acupuncture, holistic medicine, meditation, etc.

    just don't panic. if you're seeing a neurologist, you're probably in decent hands, so just look at the facts, and if you think that shows that you should get the surgery done, then make the decision to do it- and then dont worry about it. worry just makes things worse :/.
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    I am PROFOUNDLY worse since the surgery. I now have fibro. I didn't have it before the surgery. The surgery triggered it. I haven't been right since.
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    After they are done.They are used to the surgery and can see when there in there that they have succeeded.

    Please don't panic.I am on pain meds for the rest of my life.Nothing but that has worked for my FM pain.

    I was bed ridden for 2 years before the meds I'm now on at least I can function a little better.Oh I still have those nasty flare ups and am not pain free but at least they help.

    I never want to be stuck in bed again so if the meds are what It takes till they find an answer thats what Ill take.

    I was able to fly alone to GA from RI for my sons wedding .Also was able to spend 19 days with my beautiful grand daughters.

    I will be going back in January when my daughter has my first grand son.

    I do what it takes to make me feel somewhat human again.

    My prayers are with you that all is going to go well.

    I have a ???? the bread your holding in your bio looks yummy.May I have the recipe?

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    I'm sure with your statement to me you didn't mean any harm, and your intent was well meaning. I must admit though, that as scared as I am over having this surgery and the questions I asked, your intent wasn't to scare me hopefully, but said with no reflecting before making your statement to help me as well as others that may be in the same boat as I am.

    If you could just maybe explain your situation a little better to me, so I can understand your frustration over having this type of surgery and why you feel it brought on the Fibromyalgia instead of the surgery hurting you more. To which I'm extremely sorry that had to happen to you, but is there anything positive you could tell me about your surgery, as now I'm more nervous than ever after reading your post, and didn't know what to think at the I slept on it and came back here today to ask you this.

    Thank you Twitcher and I'm sorry you had such a bad time of it with the surgery and also that it didn't help you at all.