How does does one recover from a major relapse

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mira1959, Oct 20, 2010.

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    I am writing for a friend of mine who also has CFS, but who is much sicker than I am. He had a bad relapse this spring. He has very bad days and some OK days. His question is this: How does one get out of the cycle of the good and bad days after a relapse. How much should he do on bad days and how much on good days. One of his main problems along with the fatigue is the dizziness which stops him from driving a car even for a few minutes to go to the grocery store. He is pretty much stuck at home all the time. How long does one recover from a bad relapse?
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    relapses/crashes are horrible , all u can really do is wait them out. Try and get good sleep even if medicated and maybe get some b12 injections and just rest get lazy and try not to stress about doing nothing, try not to feel guilty as the chores pile up, they will be there for u when your better, lol. It takes a few crashes to find your boundaries but even then they still happen just not as much.

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    first of all thanks for being a good friend to your many of lose all our friends because they don't believe that we are really sick or they just can't deal with the limitations and lack of predictability that come from being it's great that you are sticking by your friend

    as far as your question goes, though, there is really no way to predict how long it will take to recover - we are all different and for most of us every relapse is also different

    the only thing that I can really suggest is for him to rest as much as possible, and when he does try to do things, to stop before it feels like he needs to....trying to keep going/pushing is the best way to prolong a relapse or start a new one
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    Most infections respond to heat treatment, so sauna, IR sauna, sunlight, hot bath / shower.

    Low sugar diet and probiotics help kill off fungal infections. Candida Albicans seems to be a common complaint.

    Artiminisin (wormwood) and Olive Leaf Extract are great broad spectrum anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal natural remedies.

    If your friend can read, start with From Fatigued to Fantastic by Jacob Teitelbaum MD.
    Stimulants like caffiene and Energy Drinks can cause temporary relief but only push the adrenal glands into collapse.

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