how does i have XMRV if i dont........

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  1. street129

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    i dont have any of these, yet i have cfs

    is thought to be transmitted through body fluids such as blood, semen, and mother’s breast milk but is not transmitted through the air. It is not known whether XMRV is more easily transmitted than other human retroviruses.

    never was breast fed, whose blood, are they talking about sexual intercourse, i'm not understanding catching this new bug at all.[This Message was Edited on 10/09/2009]
  2. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    I think it's more casually transmitted. I got sick in 91 after only deep throat kissing. I believe to this day that's how I got full blown CFIDS.
  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    It's purely conjecture (I want to emphasize that) and I may get slammed for saying this, but it would not surprise me in the least if it was found that vaccinations play a role in this being started/spread (not only for the possible physiological reasons, but also bc it would certainly help to explain why the CDC et al have been so vehemently against us and why the UK has a secret file on ME/CFS....even though those grps' actions could be entirely about money, it has always seemed to me like they have something to hide)

    anyway, aside from that, considering that there are young children who have ME/CFS (too young for sex) and I'm sure there are some among them who have not been breast fed either, or had transfusions, etc.....considering that, there almost certainly have to be other modes of transmissions, if XMRV does turn out to be the cause
  4. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    The UK has a secret file on ME/CFS??? Where did you hear this?
  5. Svette_Palme

    Svette_Palme New Member

    The first post asks a good question - how can we get XMRV if we have not exchanged body fluids??

    Aunt Tammie, I think you have a good explanation there. Do they use retroviruses as part of the vaccine making process? Like an agent to "something something" the target virus?

    But in any case I would like to hear more about the secret files... googling it now.... "UK has a secret file on ME/CFS" .... WOW - it returned 3690 results!!

    First one I tried was here>
    I found this at the 8th box at that link above:
    Professor Malcolm Hooper, Eileen Marshall, and Margaret Williams of the UK have uncovered a "secret file on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis" being kept by the UK Medical Research Council. According to these respected M.E. advocates, the secret file "contains records and correspondence since at least 1988; the file is held in the UK Government Archive at Kew and cannot be opened until 2023. This present document is an overview of the misinformation and contradictions about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) that have pervaded some UK Departments of State and other agencies since 1988. It also considers the involvement of certain UK psychiatrists who have proven vested interests in the propagation of this misinformation that is contrary to world-wide scientific evidence and that for two decades has resulted in the medical abuse of UK patients with ME/CFS."
    The File is available on the web at thanks to the M.E. Action UK.


  6. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I actually heard it on this board first and that led to googling for more info, bc I was honestly really skeptical about it....turns out there is a lot of stuff out there that seems to confirm that it does truly exist.....unfortunately I have become very bad about organizing info, esp info I have stored on the computer, and so finding stuff is getting tougher as I have gathered a ton of info (going to have to work out a better system for storing this research at some point, but my brain is just not computer oriented or organzied at all anymore)

    another interesting tidbit I picked up while looking into that was that the UK will not allow people with ME/CFS to donate blood - now why would that be the case if it were really all in our heads, as they want to get people to believe?! - I think that their secret file could also contain more about why donating blood if one has ME/CFS is bad....perhaps this started thru a vaccine and can be transmitted further thru blood? (again, this is just conjecture)
  7. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    No slam, but a big high-five for you. I agree 1000% about the vaccines. Where are all these unheard of retroviruses and enteroviruses coming from? Why are our immune systems so decimated that we are suscpeptible to viruses that have not affected the human race for centuries?? Why did ME/CFS/FM seem to "spike" and continue to rise in the 1980's, when coincidentally (?) the number of vaccines require for children also spiked??

    Now, to add insult to injury, the doctors who have "discovered" this new virus think it is a great opportunity to created a new vaccine to protect us against it.

    I have many, many questions, as do many, and I am frankly becoming more and more disgusted and furious about what our government has done to us.
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  8. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    They don't use retroviruses, as far as I know, but they do use mice in the process of making a lot of vaccines (and the virus was originally a mouse virus that has somehow made its way into humans)....there are other explanations for how this could happen, though, so like I said, my thoughts on this are purely speculation at the moment

    still, the secret files really make me wonder
  9. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    thanks for your response, and yeah the possibility of a vaccine for CFS is a bit ironic, to say the least!

    your comment about the govt made this pop into my head....."govt by the people, FOR the people" I wish that it still were

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