How does Magnesium work? And how much do I take?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by vinetti23, May 30, 2003.

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    I got some "Slow-Mag" pills the other day bc I read some stuff on this board that it can help with FM. The bottle says to take 2 per day. That amount provides 128 MG or 32% of the daily value. What dose do you all take?

    Also, how long does it take to notice a change? I would think maybe a few weeks for the body to get used to it?

    When I said "how is it supposed to work" i mean like - are there theories as to what it does? I heard it helps w/ the nervous system in general, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything specific.

  2. tansy

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    It's just my opinion but I don't think that's high enough. but you will have to find the level that suits you best. Mg deficiency seems significantly a factor in many of us whether it's FM or CFS.

    Have a look at ZMA that Mikie and others swear by. Make sure you take it well away from any dietary or supplemental calcium so as not to block it's absorption and utilisation by the cells.

    Good luck


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  3. klutzo

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    The usual recommended dose for Fibro is 350 mgs. daily, preferably at bedtime, but you can spread the dose around. Work up to this dose slowly so you don't get diarreha.
    Fibro patients run out of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the main energy source of your cells. Magnesium helps to make ATP, and the deficiency we have is thought to be one reason why we run out of it. There is some question as to whether we can absorb Magnesium properly, since even injected Mag did not make a difference in the energy level of study participants.
    It will help you sleep a bit better, helps keep blood pressure normal, and helps a lot with palpitations from MVP if you are one of the 75% of us who have one. Magnesium deficiency can have serious long term consequences, so I am taking it just because of the documented deficiency, not because I have any dramatic cure from it.
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    I didn't realize it was that high of an amount. I'd run out pretty fast if I stuck to Slow-Mag... There are only 60 64 mg tabs in here. Would you recommend any other brands that dont cause stomach probs? That seems to be my prob w/ mineral suppliments.

    What does ZMA stand for? Where can I find it? At GNC?

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    gentle magnesiums to take. I thought the slow mag would be a great place to start to see if your stomach tolerated it. I get the shots because I can't take the supplements.

    ZMA is sold on this site. Zinc, magnesium,and B6.
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    I am taking the Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate), one before breakfast, one before lunch.

    At night I take ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6) 2 in the evening, which also helps with sleep and the pain.

    (Be sure to work up to these amounts, it can give you diarrhea if you take too much at once).

    All total I am taking about 450 milligrams of magnesium a day.

    It has really helped with the pain and the muscle spasms for me, also with the 'shooting pains' I used to get from my neck up into my head (very scary pains).

    Magnesium is also natures natural tranquilizer, so it helps with my hyper self too!

    Bot these products are sold here at Pro Health, just go to the 'Store' link at the top of this page, type the names in and you can read more about them for yourself.

    Be sure to take your magnesium with water, and no dairy products. Take your dairy/calcium separately from the magnesium.

    As for time, it took about two weeks for me to feel a real difference.

    HOpe this helped.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    There is no way I could ever take 350 mg in one day -- I'd be in the bathroom all the time! Instead, abuot every 6 six months I go in to my doc's for a series of IV magnesium. I could also get it injected, but for some reason it hurts like crazy, so I stick with the IVs -- although my one good vein is getting tired so I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up. My docs believe that people with FM are unable to get enough mag into their cells and that pills won't do it. Thus the IVs.
  8. klutzo

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    Injected Mag always hurts like is not just you! The study I saw showed injections were still not assimilated at the cellular level.
    I have noticed some help from oral products, but my gut has been treated, and I think that makes a difference.
    I don't know about IV's. I hope they are helping you?
  9. healing

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    Well THAT's a relief! I thought it was just my butt that was overly sensitive! LOL Actually, one of the nurses said the trick with mag shots is to inject them verrrrry slowly. But I've been too chicken to try it again. Last time I ended up with an icepack welded to my cheek.

    The IVs are absolutely the MOST wonderful thing! I feel like I can dance out of the doc's office after I get one and then conquer the world. If only my veins would cooperate.

    And I'm still awed by anyone who can take 350 mg of mag orally.