how does NADH work, does it really help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angelisa337, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. angelisa337

    angelisa337 New Member

    please i feel so weak lately and i just want to give up on living
  2. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I read your bio and it sounds like you need a more comprehensive plan than just one or two supplements. I'd suggesting posting with a topic heading about how sick you're feeling and see if people can give you suggestions to start you moving in the right direction. I will look forward to hearing about your progress....
  3. shell

    shell New Member

    I definitely have some emotions when I read your bio and post, I am just wishing you to find the answers to help you!! I can't imagine having this horrid thing through the years of 16-29 (mine started at 28). Keep on trying different things until you find what is right for you... I like the last posters idea about writing more about what is going on so and how you are feeling so you can get some more ideas from other people.

    Please keep us updated!
  4. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    My husband uses NADH and likes it well enough but for me, I'm always leary of trying something for energy when my body doesn't necessarily have the ability to deal with the repercussions of extra energy....did that make sense?

    There are other things you can try...but I think first maybe you should start slowly and maybe begin by eliminating things that aren't good for you from your diet and lifestyle. (ie: Aspartame, flouride, chemically processed foods.. etc)

    Start eating more and more fresh fruits and veggies. It can really make a difference when you begin your day with a piece of fruit instead of processed/chemically added foods.

    Give this a few months and then see where you can start taking some (energy) supplements. I myself take many (although not just for energy) and give them credit for getting me back on my feet after a 2 year flare, but it was a slow process.

    I do feel that our bodies need more supplements and especially if we've been living on crappy processed foods. One thing you could try is the Fibro Complete Multi with Malic Acid that they sell here at Pro Health.

    It might seem like an expensive vitamin, but it's packed with great things for our bodies and you'll find that once you're on it, no other will do. It really does make a difference.

    I learned all of this by participating on this board and also have the benefit of living in Germany where everything is natural and fresh and they really don't use processed foods at all. (And you should see them walking their dogs at 80 and 90!!!


    Nancy B
  5. angelisa337

    angelisa337 New Member

    Today, I listened to u and I tried this recipe. The saw my Dr. yesterday monday Nov.6th she is testing me for rheumatoid arthritis and she put me on lexapro 10 mg. I haven't been able to be relaxed and my thoughts were all about general anxieties that I felt like I couldn't control. I got off wellbutrin last month it caused really bad migraines. I started green tea also for energy but I haven't tried NADH. My FybroResponse vitamins say they derive the energy the same way. Thanks
  6. angelisa337

    angelisa337 New Member

    I started the morning to a veggie/bannane drink. I am writing this recipe for me to remember and if any one is brave enough to try it out...
    1beet peeled and washed
    4 bunches of spinach
    8 carrots peeled and washed
    in the juicer. Then blend the juice with a
    2 cups Nuvim milk orange flavor
    1 scoop of egg protien powder
    5 ice cubes
  7. prabun29

    prabun29 New Member

    NADH is wonderful!! I take 2 7mg. tablets a day for CFS/FM.But I also take various vit's and drugs. It doesn't sound like your doing enough to take care of yourself. Dr. Cheney etc. have a list of vits to take.

    Good luck

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