How does one deal??

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    Meds to take care of one condition cause another problem or irritate another condition!

    Can't stand, sit or walk long without discomforts. Can't lift without risk of reinjuring back.Laying down flat of the back irritates acid reflux. Laying on stomach irritates neck and back and feet (plantar fasciitis). Laying on side irritates hips, shoulders and neck (and elbow if I lay on left side). so don't sleep well at night. Then wake up in pain/stiff, weak bladder causing urgency to urinate and the leggs don't want to let me get there if I can move at all.Sometimes on my stomach I find I can't move at all for a minute as if paralised. More than once the bed has gotten it.

    Hubby says medical bills are mine to pay as he is not the one sick. Now I find I have fibromyalgia...!!!!

    Well, that explains a lot but what next?? What do I do now? Dr wants me to go to Neurologist but hubby sees no need for me to go. He is non supportive.

    I am applying for disability but not sure I qualify. I am not confined to a wheel chair so I don't consider myself disabled. Other than the fact that all the health issues put together make it hard to function outside of the controlled environement at home. If the stress were removed here at home would I really function better? I sometimes wonder. How to deal with this Now?
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    I hear ya. On the nights I can't seem to find any position to sleep, I head for the comfy chair in the living room, put my feet up, cover up and put the tv on. Soon I'm asleep.
    On the bladder problem with your legs not willing to move my friend looked up mattress protectors in a well known catalogue in the handicap section and she says this solves the problem. Buy at least 2 so when one is in the wash, you have another one ready.
    Just because you are not in a wheelchair does not mean you are not disabled. Apply for the disability.
    Regarding your husband's attitude I am sorry to hear that. Sit him down and explain your pain, how it affects you and how his non support increases stress and stress increases pain.I have a couple of friends who had the same problem but now things are turned around. If you want I don't mind sharing how they handled the problem. Just let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you........basket21
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    I'd love to figure out how to get through to him. Can we correspond privately? If so send me an email to: then I will send you my regular email from there. I use that one for filtering so my regular one doesn't get spammed.