How does one put paragraphs in the profile?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rockgor, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. rockgor

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    OK, tried to post this once before; will try again.

    I edited my profile. Since many of us have trouble reading long paragraphs, I used short ones.

    But it all got printed in one big lump. Is there some way to add paragraphs?

    No doubt some of you kids who were born during the computer age and used a mouse or a disc to teeth on, can tell me what to do.

    When I was born we didn't have computers. Or push button phones. Or dial phones. We turned the crank, Central said, "Number, please," and we told her what two digit number we wanted.

    And, since it was a village, she sometimes said, "Honey, your aunt's not home. Let me see if she's at Myrtle Kirkmeyer's place."

    In those days you got real customer service and didn't have to listen to silly recorded messages in multiple languages.
  2. kholmes

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    I'm fairly computer literate, but every time I change my photo, I lose my written profile entirely.

    By the way, Rockgor, didn't you grow up in a small town in Minnesota? I grew up in South St. Paul and in Inver Grove Heights. My father has retired to Wabasha, Minnesota, where he is living contentedly as a "grumpy old man."

  3. ilovecats94

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    You need to put this code in at the end < /p > to close the HTML codes you were putting in. I'm sure that Tech Support would be grateful to you for doing that.

    So for each paragraph you would do like Livnlife said and put the < p > to separate paragraphs without any spaces between the < mark and the p and no space between the > mark and the p.

    I think it makes a profile easier to read and I'm happy that you are trying to make things easier for people, Rockgor. This is just for the profiles.

    New members don't need to do that on the posts on the thread here, as it is auto paragraphs on here. There are no auto paragraphs in your profiles though.


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  4. rockgor

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    It worked! Thanks Lvnlife and Faye. I sometimes get instructions from knowledgable people and still can't find where I'm supposed to click or whatever.

    Now my profile is beautiful. Too bad the one on my face isn't. Haha.

    OK. Movie Trivia. What actor from the Golden Age was known as The Great Profile. (In fact he put it in concrete at Graumann's Chinese theatre.)

    Ken, you were no help at all, but I forgive you. Yes, I grew up in the village of Harmony (pop. 1000) not too far from Rochester, Winona or LaCrosse.

    When I was in Rochester for a family reunion last month I read the Visitor's Guide which had information on Wabasha (obviously an Indian name), an old river town on the Mississippi. In fact, the oldest settlement in MN.! A nice place, I bet, for your Dad to retire to.

    Movie trivia. The actor was John Barrymore, brother to Lionel and Ethel. Same family as Drew.
  5. sues1

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    You always make me laugh. I rarely reply. But I am taking the opportunity to let you know that I read what you have to say and I really enjoy you.

    Well......I remember when we had a phone operator and we had party lines. What a hoot.

    I had a portable radio with tubes, not transistors or what ever they have now. To fix your TV you could replace your own tubes. Not picture tube. Maybe I am calling them the wrong thing.

    Anyhow, thanks for the lifts you give us.

    Take care and Blessings..............Susan