How does STRESS affect your symptoms (the update)

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  1. dizzidally

    dizzidally New Member

    The update is in the last post at bottom of page. Received yet another letter from work this morning inviting me to a formal meeting to discuss the medical assessment I had at the Employee Healthcare Unit(I work for local council) I had on 3rd November. They have already rung my G.P. for a diagnosis, but my G.P. was unable to give them a definite diagnosis. What is there to discuss if my own G.P. can't shed any light?
    Here are the subjects they want to discuss:
    1. How my health is affecting my ability to perform in my current post in the short and long term.
    I should be made aware that possible outcomes to the meeting may be:
    2. A review period being set for further discussions concerning my medical incapacity
    3. A re-referral to the Employee Health Care Unit
    4. A period of time on the Corporate Redeployment Register, during which efforts will be made to find you suitable alternative employment
    5. A further meeting to be arranged to consider a termination of my employment with this Authority due to my medical incapacity.
    If nobodies stress levels are sent to their limits after that please say so. I can't get a definite diagnosis, nevermind, knowing if and when I can return to work. Personally, returning to my current position would definitely be impossible, as I think it was the final nail in the coffin for me. The last two years of work have stressed me so much, that on the days that I was due to start my shift (part-time home care assistant, which is mentally and physically demanding, plus I was forced to study my NVQ in Care, I just couldn't concentrate) I would wake up tense and with chronic migraine, stiffness, and pain in my neck and shoulders. I have been working like this for nearly two years. I just can't deal with any stress at all, even the noise of the kids argueing, or playing their music makes me have chronic pain. Which is what is happening now that I have received yet another invitation for another Spanish Inquisition. They look at me in these meetings, and you know what they are thinking, she's faking it. I look so well, everyone keeps saying so. I'm considering having my forehead tatooed with, 'before you say I look well, think again, I'm not', though I'd need a big forehead to fit all that on!!
    I've had my job for 4yrs years and never had any time off sick untill all this came to ahead in August. I worked when I didn't know how to put one foot infront of the other, because I knew how difficult it would be for the supervisors to cover my shift, as the shift is renowned for being a killer, and no one else would do it. The morning that my body told me it couldn't take anymore I eventually forced myself to ring in sick, very guiltily, only to be told by one supervisor that I haven't given them much notice and not to let it happen again!!!You can see what pressure I've been under to keep going. I feel like I'm letting all my patients down, as they all like routine and a familiar face, as I have to work quite intimately with them all (personel care), and as you can understand unfamiliar people caring for them doesn't help them.
    Sorry for rattling on for so long, but I've no one else to speak to who understands.

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  2. cczub

    cczub New Member

    I find myself ranting here alot.. We're all in this together. My PCP has brought up Fibro then for some reason when the antidepressants didn't work all of a sudden has drop the subject.... I have notice that stress and sleep play a major role with this disease. More stress, less I sleep, pain increases then insert pain into all of that and it's a nasty cycle. I'm currently on no meds since the doctor stopped them on tuesday(taking the lexapro until monday when I see my rhummy)..

    On wednesday I actually took the time to write a letter that I gave to all my coworkers including my boss that described what I've been going through since April.. It seemed to help, at least in the short term. I can tell that they understand more now on what I'm going through since I gave them the letter.

    I hope everything works out for you. I'm just starting down this long road myself but have learned quickly that I'm, like yourself, are not alone in the journey.
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    I can fully understand what you're saying. My job isn't stressful at all, however, I've missed more work this year than I can almost count. I'm currently out for 25 days, due to catching a cold and re-flaring.

    I don't have the strength to go back and hope that Monday, I will be returning.

    My job put me on a leave restriction, meaning I can't take leave without a doctors note that I get the very same day.

    Now, to counteract this, here in the U.S., we have the Family Medical Leave Act. Means we can take up to 12 weeks of Leave without pay to take care of an ill family member or ourselves. I got my rheumatologist to authorize it.

    Sorry to be so long. Anyway, when they gave me the restriction, I tried not to show it, but I was in tears. I've worked for my job for the last 18 years out of 22 with the federal govt.

    Right after that, I got sicker. Stress definately makes this worse, and I think, could be a big precipitator to getting it.

    I'm so glad i found this board, because now I don't feel so alone with my problem.

  4. dizzidally

    dizzidally New Member

    Thanx for the reply. Nice to know people are listening.
    I have been taking amitriptyline(10mg) at night for the last 6 weeks or so, but after visit to doctor yesterday she has decided to try me on effexor. So no medication over the weekend, as she said to leave a gap, and then start taking the effexor on Monday evening. Evening only for a week (37.5mg), and then mornings as well after that, to limit side effects. Hope there's limited side effects as I've the Spanish Inquisition the following day!!!
  5. onnaroll

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    effects my symptoms 10 fold .

    just like being over tierd its not good for us at all!

    this can happen in a blink of an eye sometimes.

    I have to get away and breath deeply then sometimes I do some yoga(from a book i got) and light stretching this seems to help some.

    also meds emu oil hot bath exc exc....

    Honestly i try to avoid stress at any level ! because its caused me so much pain!
  6. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    IM so sorry i just read your topic.. how frustrated you must be!

    and yes noise and bright lights effect my pain as well. sound like fm. hope you got your diagnoses and your feeling better.. hugs ronda
  7. roseylisa

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    I have been off of work for going on a year from working at walmart and before that I was a caregiver for five years I have an interview with visiting angels this coming Tues Im wondering if I should after reading what you wrote? We need the money and im not trained for much else except stores and restraunts I have been turned down twice for ssdi
  8. kch64

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    Any updates?
  9. dizzidally

    dizzidally New Member

    Hi there,
    Went on Tuesday for my formal interigation meeting at work. Needless to say, by the time I had walked from where I get off the bus to work my shoulders, neck and head were in agony. I walked through the reception area, and as I opened the door to get to the lift a woman ran towards the door, so I held it open for her, but instead of her walking around me to grab hold of the door, she dashed under my arm so that I had to try and lift my arm up higher so that she could get through. Of course, I couldn't lift my arm higher than my shoulder because of the pain and stiffness, so as I tried my best to lift it, my arm didn't quite make it and I accidently hit her in the face. I said I was really sorry, but she just gave me a look of disgust, and walked up to the receptionist and began to tell her how she'd just been smacked in the face, as if I'd done it on purpose. The lift doors couldn't open
    fast enough!!!!!!!!
    The previous night I had also changed my medication, and I felt like I'd drunk a bottle of wine. The interigation lasted 45 minutes, and it was decided that I wouldn't be returning to my previous position, but it might be possible for me to have a position somewhere else. I told them that stress and physical activity make my symptoms worse, so what they will come up with, if anything, I don't know. If there are no positions suitable then they will have to terminate my employment. I now have to have another medical assessment at work next month and decide from there.
    I started taking Eflexor on Monday night, but it is making me feel hungover all day, and feeling sick. Don't think it's suitable for me, I was better on the amytriptylene.

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