How does the use of Narcotics affect SSDI claim?Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by crazybj, Aug 16, 2005.

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    I am considering asking my doc for a referral to a pain doctor that is known for giving meds to chronic pain sufferrers. I am afraid though that SSDI or even my docs will say now you have your pain relief so you can go back to work. They just do not get it that I dont want to have to take narcotics everyday and if I am at work I will need them 24/7. Right now i am unable to do housework, cook meals, walk very far. I am very weak and tired. I just want something here to take if the pain gets unbearable, the more I feel I have no control it seems the worse the pain gets. 85% of the time I have 6 level pain just doing nothing. An example I took my kids to the fair the other day and I had 9-10 level pain for days, nothing to take, could not even go to the E.R. because the last time I went out there they said they would give me nothing because its a chronic disease(syndrome, whatever)Yes its a chronic disease but there are days when the pain is so bad I could kill myself.I told my doctor that. Its just a no-winner I guess. Any over-exertion, stress, disrupt in normal activity and I go into major flare. Does SSDI or anyone understand that I just cannot handle work,kids, and a house? I was told I need to let go of everything but what is most important to me, and yes work is important we all have to make a living, but that is what SSDI is for, when you cant work, I just feel MYSELF and my KIDS are more important than work. Even after the high maintainance it takes to care for myself there is less left over for my children and hubby and housework, than what a normal feeling person can give, but to pile the stress of work and the physical exertion that causes me so much suffering I have decided it is not worth it. Do you think if I had my husband type a letter explaining this to SSDI for me (my fingers cant do it) it would help my case? I am right in the initial claim,working with Allsupp, but I am willing to do anything it takes to get it(SSDI) right from the get-go. Does anyone have experience with Allsupp?
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    The resident disability atty. here has written about this. If one sees a shrink, has depression, and takes opiods, it increases one's chances for approval.

    The first thing my atty. did was recommend a pain specialist he knows does a good job of documenting our illnesses. The doc I saw knew more about these illnesses than most of the others I've seen. He really helped me with pain until the Gaui treatment started to help.

    Love, Mikie

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