How efficient is TUMS as a calcium supplement???

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    My friend and I were visiting tonight about calcium. She mentioned someone was taking TUMS as a supplement for calcium. How efficient is this compared to other sources? Thanks. Mastersinger
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    I learned recently, sorry can't find my paperwork right now,
    that tells which kind of calcium to use for suppliment.
    I KNOW the list said NOT TUMS.
    the calcium helps reduce acid. yet the acid "eats" the calcium therefore the calcium is NOT absorbed by the body.

    it is worthless. reguardless of what the bottle says.
    put a tums in glass of strong vinager ( acid)
    and test the mixture with litmus paper ( for testing PH) you will see that acid is gone.
    but you won't have alot of white stuff in glass.

    I know oyster shell calcium is recomended. but can't recall the specifics of it.

    they are VERY chalky and hard for me to take. I need a coated pill to swallow.
    ask around at health food store for COATED oyster shell calcium pills.

    I have never seen them, and wonder if they need to be uncoated to work fast or something like that.

    a GREAT source of calcium is one servine of brocolli a day and a dairy product. but for the extra we all need a suppliment is recomended.
    PLEASE remember that if you are a coffee, tea or soda drinker the caffeine totally removes the calcium. no matter how much you take it will do little to help you.

    also something we learned the HARD way. is that if you have elevated lead levels you will need TONS of calcium.

    if you suspect lead p oisoning get checked out.
    if you do have a high lead level. follow dr. instructions and also take a KELP pill.
    Kelp is good to take anyway. it removes ALL toxidities over time.

    hope I was helpful
    PS. do a search on calcium suppliments you should find good info.