How fast does sugar make you feel bad?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lvjesus, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. lvjesus

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    I have been having some issues lately and I think it is sugar related. My office mate had brought in some Skittles and I noticed one day after eating some I was aching so I decided that I should not eat those any more. Then I noticed it with M&Ms. Today it was a donut (I have to learn the hard way don't I!?)

    I just wonder if it is the sugar or not. How long after eating sugar do you feel achy? This was within about 10 minutes or so and I just wondered if it could really be that fast.

  2. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Sometimes I think sugar can cause problems but most of the time it does not bother me. I eat candy, refined carbs, etc. and do ok. There was a time it would make me sick so go figure??

    Could it be chocolate? I do notice pain from chocolate sometimes.
  3. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    sometimes I know it does not bother me, same with carbs. My friend has been telling me a long time I should avoid bread and sugar but usually it does not bother me. i just am not sure.
  4. MIssAutumn

    MIssAutumn New Member

    IvJesus, I like your user name!!

    I've had CF/Fm for probably 50 years now and just diagnoses with a positive Lyme after 18 years and Candida plus a host of other 'stealth viruses. I went on the no gluten, no yeast no vinegar and no sugar and no dairy diet 6 weeks ago. I am almost pain free, I sleep 4-5 straight and I have lost 10 lbs and 4 inches off my waist. Sugar is poison! period. No one should eat it and especially if you have CF/FM. I didn't think it bothered me "that much" until I went completely off of it. I found Stevia is okay and natural honey but very little of that. Potatoes are another thing that I react too, but they are full of starch and turn to sugar in our bodies.

    With carbs... everything has them except for meat. Some have more some less. You can't eat totally carb free unless you eat only meat.

    I do get on a soap box about this, especially since I've seen the great improvement I've made. Along with fixing the leaking gut - and strengthing the immune system and now working the on messed up HPA axis and liver. My doctor is amazed at how fast I'm getting better since I've had this crud for so long and it's being done with supplements and diet, no drugs. YIPEEE! :)
  5. lvjesus

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    for checking in. If you don't mind my asking, what CAN you eat? Is it hard to figure out and impliment? I am glad you are having good sucess with what you are doing.
  6. aleutian

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    Could you please share with me what you are taking to deal with the gut issues, the name of your doctor, and how you were diagnosed with lyme and stealth viruses. I know I have liver and HPA axis problems as well, so would appreciate hearing about who is helpin you.


  7. tuba

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    Hi Lv,
    Yes, I have found that the glucose level in foods really affects me & my fibro pain. The amount of glucose a food has in it is called the glycemic index. I ordered the fibro book by Dr. Mark Pelligrino (see ProHealth store). He talks quite a bit about how glucose goes straight to the muscle fibre & may cause pain, & that we should try to always eat a protein first to avoid this. This will help prevent a glucose overload to our muscles. He also suggests to try & limit carbs to only 2 days a week. I have been working on this for a few mos., & have lost some weight too. He suggests never to eat just a salad alone, but put nuts or cheese on it too for the protein. I went online & checked out the glucose level of foods or their glycemic indexes. You will be very surprised to see what the glycemic level of some foods are, like popcorn or cornflakes. I feel much better after trying to lower my glycemic index and ALWAYS try eat a protein before I eat anything else. And yes, I am a huge chocoholic, so limiting my chocolate is difficult for me. Good luck with your research & lessening your fibro pain. Tuba
  8. MIssAutumn

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    I had done Atkins years ago so was pretty familiar with the low carb low glycemic eating but trying to get back to it was hard, until I decided I wanted to get better more than I want any foods that will make me worse. At thanksgiving I baked 4 pies and didn't eat eve a crumb ! LOL The thought of putting that in my body was scary- I even felt guilty for making them in the first place but I did substitute powdered fructose unprocessed for the sugar.

    the first week is the hardest because you have to get through the cravings, I found eating raw almonds or Brazil nuts really cut those cravings.
    and drinking lots of water with lemon helps.

    My way of eating is strict because of the Candida and the viruses- Lyme, EBV and the food poisoning one and pneumonia one I didn't even know I had until I got tested.

    The first two weeks was really strict... eggs for breakfast, lots of fresh vegetables with some type of protein for lunch and same with dinner. In between you can have raw nuts. Then after two weeks you can add some grains or brown rice and see how you react. I found out I react to root crops so I don't eat them. Dairy I do have an intolerance to so I stay away from that- I do miss cheese but have found one made with almonds I'm going to try when I can. I use almond milk and coconut milk a lot. I'm experimenting with almond flour- I live in the Sacramento valley and the main ag crop is almonds so I'm lucky to have access to this and organic foods. Also using coconut flour.

    It is really just making up your mind to do it, it won't cure anything but will make it better. Since Dr. Atkins brought the low carb eating to attention there are a lot of websites with great recipes and ideas. I do stay away from Splenda- research is showing it's as bad as aspartame- and any of the sugar alcohols, but some people do okay with them. If you do a search for low card eating there are hundreds of good recipes. And some of these sites have a glycemic index calculator you can use. It does take planning and eating out can be a challenge but it can be done. Good luck!

    FredT not all sugars are bad and eating fruit is a lot better than plain old sugar because of the fiber. Processed sugar is the killer, my doctor was telling me that diabetes was not prevalent in the Us until we imported potatoes for S American and the processing of sugar. But I've been reading more on dried cane sugar, I really don't know the difference yet, though.

    Rainbow thanks for all the information. When I first started to get really sick about the age of 40 I went to an alternative medicine lady and I tested really high for dandelion root , it was the main herb I needed to take.

    thanks all for the support!!!

    Mary I'm going to start a new thread for you questions, I'm finding sometimes the questions and answers can get away from the original thread.
    I forgot to add that since I don't eat sugar or vinegar I do make my own mayonaise and from that I can add stuff for salad dressings or I'll use lemon and a good oil for dressings.
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