how frequently do you miss work due to cfids/fibro?

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  1. kalaya

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    This is a very disillusioning part of the illness when it so overwhelms you that you simply cannot work.I have been able to work for the most part these past 7 years with the cfids but these past 3 weeks have been so draining that I have been forced to take leave from my job.Planned on going back this monday but am now skeptical about my abilities to return just yet.Any of you in the same boat or perhaps worse off and unable to work period?Love to here your testimonies and for those of you that are forced from time to time to take time away I hope that your employers are not intolerant and unsympathetic.God bless.
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    I haven't had to quit work yet. I have a friend with FM that was unable to return to her job because it required standing on her feet all day. Do you have to travel with your job? It's just a fact that some jobs are just more demanding on the body than others. I sit at a desk, but if I had to stand or walk a lot, I'd already be out of here!

    Does your company have any kind of policy about a leave of absence?

    I've had many days when all I wanted to do was get my purse and run home!

    I wish you the best.

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    I've been off work for 4 mos....I have (some!) hope of returning, but I think that is more a desire on my part to "stay positive" as much as possible than a likely option. My pain levels are out of control....My new attorney told me to file for ssd, as they think I really do qualify....I'm 30 years old.

    Very very hard thing to hear, but when I look at a "functional abilities" form, I can do almost none of those things the VAST majority of the time. Its all I can do most days to brush my teeth and wash with wetones...have a big difficulty with bathing and showering as have to hold my arms up, and the "cold" of the porcelain KILLS my hips.

    I'm also filing for LT disability thru my empoloyer...there's no chance of my benefits starting until 13 weeks from now, and my st benefits (which I had to fight like a wolverine for....Unum provident...grrrrr....thus explains the attorney! LOL) are now over.

    Up until 4 mos ago I wasn't even diagnosed....seemed fine (much of the time, though always got sick with whatever was going around)...this hit me like a mack truck.

    We do have a number of members going thru this same thing now....If I had to guess, I'd say that the majority of us are not able to work. There are a bunch of working members, but the concensus seems to be that if they're working full time, thats ALL they can do. No energy for family or recreation, or anything. I'm still jealous, as I'd love to be able to do even that (especially as our financial situation is dire). I've always placed so much of my self worth on my career accomplishments...

    But, now that I'm home, at least for the forseeable future, it gives me a bit of time while resting on heating pads and stuff to research this DD...and try out new treatment plans.

    I'm having ZERO luck with meds docs are prescribing (know I just haven't found the right doc pain levels are usually 7-9 resting...driving me insane with pain, but still cannot get anything stronger than ultram! LOL), so I'm trying lots of homeopathic things that have worked for others, from supplementation, so whole foods (haven't embraced that one 100% yet...just don't have the ability to shop or prepare the food yet...but hoping to get there!), emu oil (worth a shot, right? It was only $5 LOL), and compresses/massages with castor oil and heating pad (one of our members had almost miraculous recovery using this method, plus fish oil capsules and xango (mangosteen) juice). Often when I do have the energy, I'll fill bath with near boiling water and 2 BOTTLES of hydrogen peroxide (38 cents each at big lots) and 3 cups of epsom salts, plus homeopathic natural lavender soap (dr bronners)....I wait an hour or 2 for water to cool down (so the cold porcelain thing doesn't kill me) and lay against a bath pillow and just soak.

    This bath works quite well. Doesn't do much for longterm pain, but when I'm about to DIE with pain, it sure does take the edge off! Plus, has the benefit of relaxing me with the hot water and lavender. Something abt hydrogen peroxide and epsom just makes me feel better and REALLY drowsy....great to do right before bed. Quite frankly, this bath is the only way I can really "wash" myself and shave and do all that girlie stuff....could never get thru it in a regular bath...something about this one is invigorating and sleepy all at the same time.

    I don't know if any of this helped you...kind of turned into what I do to get me thru the days kind of post....I wish to goodness I could work. I miss my friends, I miss getting dressed and going out into the world every day...heck, I almost even miss my boss! LOL....but just isn't possible for me.

    Hope some of this helped you in some way.

    Oh, and before I left work the final time for this medical leave (still employed there...just haven't been able to work in 4 mos) I had used up each and every one of my sick, personal, vacation days, etc for the entire year. That was a result of me trying to keep going "back" to work when my body just flat out couldn't handle it. So if (when, i hope!) I ever can go back, if I miss ONE SINGLE DAY I AM AUTOMATICALLY FIRED! lol
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    Evidently I took too many off last year. My employers let me go in May because of it. Because it's a company that only has 8 employees I had no recourse. I talked to a lawyer and everything.
  5. susabar

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    I work in a large hospital, but my actual dept only has 10 employees. 5 working at any given time. I usually need one week off a year and a day off here and there. When I first became really ill I was out three months. When I returned there was a lovely e-mail calling me every name in the book for taking an "extended holiday " ( I was sick over the holidays) Then there was the refusal to sit with me during coffee break time etc etc... As it turns out the "ring leader" someone who likes to keep every body churned up, game down with breast cancer this year. Everyone rallied around her showering her with flowers, gifts, cards etc... INCLUDING me. Why ? I'm not like her.
    Remember no matter who or what, keep your head held high,
    you deserve to because you are one incredible person.
  6. Tigger57

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    Thank you. I'm trying and I'm learning to appreciate "me" a little more. I've spent too many years being way too hard on myself. If I'm to go on in this great big world I have to accept me... good and bad.

    Having people like you on my side really helps.

    You too.
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    I work for the county where I live, and we are allowed up to 56 hours of "unplanned" leave per year. I have not had to take that much off; however, that's because if I am off for "unplanned" leave, I have a note on file by my doctor explaining that I may have to take off suddenly or intermittently due to my chronic illness (not specified on the paper). The "unplanned" leave then becomes "ok" as I have my doctor's letter in personnel. If I didn't have that, I'd probably have been given a letter way back about excessive time off. As it is, my supervisor is still obligated to mention in my annual performance evaluation language that states something like, "your excessive time away from work creates a burden on coworkers." To this date, I haven't had that written in an evaluation as it would have to be true, and I "bust my butt" to keep it from being true when I am there.

    Lately, I've had to really think about leaving early in "retirement"; however, I still have about 18 mos before I can do it (need so many years etc.) and meet goals we've set. I've been trying to "hang in there." It's been really difficult lately. I was diagnosed in 2002 with FMS, and then subsequently diagnosed with CFS. I also have other chronic medical problems that exacerbate everything. For about the last 6 months or so, all of my symptoms have been much worse. It's to the point that writing sends sharp pains through my right hand because of osteoarthritis, I have large nodules on my index finger and on my thumb, and am developing some in the third finger of my hand. I can use the keyboard, so that's fortunate right now. Much of my work is writing by hand, doing so and having that pain plus other problems related to the FMS/CFS causes me to be exhausted by the end of the day.

    Best Wishes, Jeannette
  8. springrose22

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    I'm one of those who can't work. Period. Marie
  9. razorqueen

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    but I only work 3 days out of a 2 wk work schedule. it is all I can do. So I don't really miss much work at all. I feel like crap 99% of the time, but for some odd reason I very rarely ever catch a cold of flu bug, even if my family has it. Go figure.
  10. EllenComstock

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    but have been part-time for two years. I first was able to cut my hours from 37.5 (that's considered full-time where I work) to 30 hours. That was still too much and I now work 23 hours. I am fortunate in that I was able to chose my work hours. I work 4.5 hours everyday-mornings. So far that is working out okay, although I do have days (like today) that the pain and fatigue from the FMS does make it really hard.

    I feel grateful that I am able to work part-time since my husband makes good money on his job. Also, my job is pretty layed back and not a lot of stress. There are a lot of jobs I couldn't handle now due to the brain fog even part-time. Even though my job is part-time, I still get insurance and sick and vacation time. I work at a small college and also have three months off during the summer. I consider myself one of the fortunate ones.

  11. EllenComstock

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    answer your question. I don't miss a lot of time, mainly because of it being part-time and a layed back job. I wanted to call in today, but I just took some time off so decided I had better not.

  12. bossco

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    2 years into the cfs illness, used all my sick leave I had gained thru the years...thought I could work thru the illness, how bad could it be? Had to quit, 10 years ago, am on disability, and am housebound. It just kept getting worse and I kept getting sicker thru the years,
  13. Sandyz

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    I`m hoping to be able to go back to work sometime. When I was working, ever job I had seemed to take its toll on me and made me worse. It`s been 3 years since I worked now, I`m just concentrating on my health and getting better. I have 2 active boys to take care of and that`s about all I can handle right now.
  14. Krisanna

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    I have been off work for 13 months now. I worked for a full year (almost to the day) after I became ill. That year was very, very hard on me. I basically went to work, came home and went to bed. During work sometimes I could perform my job and on other days I just sat there with my head on the desk feeling very sick. Right now I think there are a few days each month where I might be able to work without there being too high of a physical toll on me but most days this is not the case. I also question the safety of driving while I am using several hundred milligrams of codeine.
    I really want to go back to work because of the monetary issues and also because I was just starting to get ahead in my career. Every time I start thinking that way I get another bout of severe nausea, pain, sickness, fatigue, etc. I don't know what to do.
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    I work full time right now, but it is super tough. I took a 6 week leave this summer, but all that did for me was make me use up 5 days of my time. Now I am out of time and any more time I take is unpaid. Fortunately I'm on intermittant leave, so I won't get in trouble. In the last month, I've missed 3 days. My supervisor is very understanding & works with me. Today was a bad day though, everything crashed down on me at once, feeling bad, worrying about money, and I actually had a panic attack at work. Not good! I can't afford not to work, I'm a single mom, so I'm going to use this weekend to evaluate where I need to make some changes. It's a hard road, but I have faith that it will all work out. And hopefully by seeing me go through all this and staying positive, it will touch someone else's life