How has everyone been feeling?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MicheleK, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. MicheleK

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    I have noticed in the patient groups I work with that a high number of patients have been having a really tough time lately.

    How has everyone here been feeling of late?

    I had been in a bad state for a few months. I am coming out of it.

    Wishing you all well,
  2. deepak

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    not so good since the past one week - It is interesting - I met my acupuncture doctor and he said almost all his patients are feeling worse in last few days and having nightmares etc - he thinks maybe something planetary.

    my main issue is nerve tenderness and pain and muscle pain and weakness. My bloating and GI issues are gone now with the vegan and oil free diet i follow - even my overall pain is surely better since i went vegan and oil free - I am much better than I was last year.

    I am going to be trying the source naturals fibro response and also starting a RX antiparasite protocol from today targeting all kinds of worms.

  3. Saoirse3

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    after weeks and weeks of grey, gloomy, snowy weather I don't think Times Square would have enough light bulbs! It also makes getting up to Anchorage a real pain, although our plows do a great job and we have plenty of snow removal equipment.

    However, it MUST work on the mind, because I feel more depressed lately, and that means more pain, even though I am taking good supplements. I try to stay away from prescriptions as much as I can. Only what I need I am coming out of a bad spell as well, low plateletes and low WBC, high fevers and dumb doctors.

    Sometimes I feel like that old joke where you see a tombstone and it says "I TOLD you I was sick!" Alaska has some of the lousiest medicine on the planet. Anything major, and you have to go to the lower 48. Some insurances now include air transportation to Seattle. The Feds even turned down a proposal to build a one lane gravel road to a small village, so people could get to a doctor. "Might bother the wildlife". In the mean time, 12 people died last year. I love wildlife too, but they adapt. A one lane road is NOT I-5 through LA! We are SO "out of sight, out of mind" up here! And, of course, we're Native American. That should tell you everything you need to know!

    Soft hugs,
  4. MicheleK

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    Winters can be rough anywhere but Stacey when you describe the medical situation in Alaska, well, let's just say I am glad I am not there when I need a doctor's help.

    It's cold and blustery here in Michigan. On days like this I am happy I can't go out there and be among the hustle and bustle.

    I'm really a medium climate kind of gal.

    I've come down with a second virus in a month now. I'm beginning to view people as germ carriers instead of people I love. Not good! If only they knew that when I look at them I see germs in my head instead of their faces. LOL
  5. I must have been going through a severe crash and not on the board when you posted this 2 months ago... When I am at my weakest, I'm not even able to get online or anything :(

    But I've been wondering how you are doing now... And hoping your absence here means you are doing much better and are more active...

    I am still on this roller coaster of ME/CFS and FM... I had been doing especially bad for quite a while, and then Tuesday and Wednesday was doing a little better and was able to function some. But apparently I overdid and have crashed today :(

    Please let me know how you're doing... It's so hard to have made friendships on this board and then slowly everyone disappears... Is there any way for us to exchange email addresses?

    I feel like most of the friends I have made on this board over the past 9 months or so have gone by the wayside... Even some of the ones still on the board, I don't hear from much anymore... Not sure why... ???

    But I really hope you're doing well Michele... Please let me know... I have appreciated your friendship so much...

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,
  6. gb66

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    I'm still around but haven't posted in a few days. I'm feeling really bad lately. Having issues with low thyroid and a broken tooth, as well as lots of respiratory problems from the pollen.

    I had to go to the dentist yesterday and get a temporary filling put back in my tooth. I'm making an appnt. to have it extracted. The third one in the last few years. I had one done last year at this time.

    I don't know why my teeth are breaking and decaying. I have regular checkups, cleanings & xrays but still can't keep ahead of the problems.

    I'm sitting here now with a sore throat and swollen gland that I didn't have till tonight. I hope it's not an infection. I wonder sometimes if I pick up infections at dentist's office.

    Sorry to whine so much. I hope you feel better soon and all of the rest of our online family are doing well. Boy, it's hard. I had four more ocular migraines since Feb. and don't know what is causing them. On and on it goes. Hugs to all, GB66

    PS. I also have ME/CFS & FM, Shel.
  7. ... I'm so sorry to hear of what all your dealing with! Wish I could give you a hug... And please don't think you are "whining" when you share what you're going through! If all we ever read on this board was how "well" everyone was doing, I think many of us would feel left behind and left out... So thank you for sharing your struggles and experiences... It helps others not feel so alone in their struggles..

    Any kind of dental work can put added strain on our already weak and fragile systems with this DD. And certainly, we can pick up germs at the dentist office, even though they take measures to be "germ-free". Seems like any time I go ANYWHERE (which is rare), I get a sore throat and swollen glands, and feel sicker afterward, as though I picked up some additional virus or bacteria. This can also be true when I'm around extended family (again, very infrequent)...

    My heart goes out to you with all your dealing with, and especially the dental issues. I've been wondering the same thing: Why are my teeth starting to waste away when I take such excellent care of them? I not only brush really good, but floss daily! But it seems like I've read not long ago that M.E. can affect our teeth as well. It's just another sign of our poor health, unfortunately... just like our nails. My nails have all kinds of ridges and indentions that I've read indicate serious health problems... So I guess our teeth are no exception, unfortunately. But it is so upsetting!!!

    When I used to go to the dentist every 6 months, the hygienist would always rave about how well I took care of my teeth and what a great job I did with my toothbrush. After a few visits she finally told me I didn't really need to have my teeth cleaned but once a year because of how good a job I did with my teeth.

    Then, as this DD progressed, I started having teeth break too :( and even had to switch from my longtime dentist that I had gone to for 20 years because I had such a traumatizing experience when he fixed my broken molar a couple of years ago... It was HORRIBLE! I had NEVER been afraid to go the dentist (even though I've had many fillings done in my lifetime), but after that experience, I stopped going for a while and looked for another dentist.

    Unfortunately , I haven't had my teeth cleaned in almost 2 years, and I've noticed that I have two molars that not only have lost their enamel (on the chewing surface), but they actually look like they are wearing away! And I fear going to the dentist because I'm not strong enough right now for any major dental work... But I DO have an appt for mid April anyway... Dreading it though :(

    So I DO understand, gb66, and I'm SO sorry you're experiencing this problem too! And I'm so sorry for the occular migraines! I had one a few weeks back and it was murder! So I hate you've had FOUR of them since February! How long do they usually last? and what do you usually take for them? I will def be praying for you!

    Please continue to share your journey when you're able. It's so good to hear from you! You're right, it IS SO HARD! More than most folks understand... But I'm clinging to the hope for all of us that God will turn our health around and heal us... I will be lifting you up in prayer, gb66! Please keep me posted!

    God bless you, Gb66!

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,

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  8. ... That Anatabloc sounds like some wonderful stuff! So glad it has helped you as much as it has! Sounds like you are doing SO much better now :)

    Pain is not my primary problem, although I do have terrible flares from time to time... But I am certainly keeping the Anatabloc in mind if I start to have chronic pain again...

    Is the Anatabloc through Prohealth?