How healthy did you eat this christmas?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by littlebrownwren, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    Got through christmas dinner that is. Backs out again and I can't stand up straight but It was a great and blessed day.

    Cooked for 2 days. Gallons of good food.

    They say we with fibro should eat healthy food. Veggies and etc. Well I tried.

    Sweet potato casserole from scratch with fresh potatoes.
    Of course I just had to add the pure butter, cream, sugar and eggs to liven it up a bit.

    Then there was the brocolli casserole. 3 hugh fresh heads of brocolli.

    Of course I had to add the 2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream,mayo and real butter.

    Corn is really good to, but I just had to add 2 sticks of the real thing called pure butter.

    Okra is a good green veggie and we love it here.
    "FRIED" of course.

    Now cabbage, tomatoes,cucumbers, all good veggies.

    But I had to add a scoop of mayo to make it just right.

    Eggs are good to but thee were boiled and deviled a bit with mayo and mustard. Maybe the spices, pickles and olives didn't hurt to bad.

    Now green beans are a great veggie. I can my own every year, so they are really good'after the are cooked with a good piece of 'streak-o-lean'.

    I've heard some say coconut is good for you to, so I did a bit of that wrapped up in a vanilla custard and put in a pie shell topped with a mountain of white fluffy stuff.

    The lemon pie was good too but I had to add real egg yolks to make it good and tasty.

    I did sin a bit when I got to the cakes.

    Red velvet cake just melts in your mouth but they say the red dye is bad for us. So is the cup of oil in the batter. The topping didn't fair much beter as it had creme cheese and sugar. But it did have pecans, so I had a B vitamin in there some where.

    Strawberries. Now there is a good fruit. My favorite.

    But I did bad again and put 2 cartons of them into a 3 layer cake and topped it with cool whip, jello and creme cheese.

    I even failed on my drinks. 3 gallons of tea went fast, but that was because I added sugar.

    Then there was the birthday cake I did for my grandsons 18th birthday. Did really bad there to. The cake looked great and Gson was delighted, But it was shaped like a guitar
    and the sides had butter cream icing. The top and decorations were white chocolate and dark chocolate.

    Heaven only knows what that editable gold dust I used will do to our systems.

    SO!!!! How healthy did you eat?????LOL


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  2. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    My day started with a box of Chocolate Covered Cherries, which I get every year for Christmas. Had 3 for breakfast appetizer. For real breakfast had cut up fruit and a bacon, egg, and cheese on english muffin.

    Breakfast was late, so no lunch. Dinner appetizers of Calypso Shrimp. Dinner was Prime Rid, Garlic Masked Potatoes. Asparagus, and a corn pudding, or corn dessert my daughter made. Was really good., Had Corn, creamed corn, cornbread mix, not sure what else, then baked then topped with cheddar cheese. Yummy
  3. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    It was munch-city for me the entire weekend!! We did eat a nice Mexican meal at my SIL's on Christmas eve.

    But I refused to cook a big meal for just hubby and myself. So...we just grazed on Swiss Colony stuff, tamales, beans, a bowl of cereal for dinner, chased down with a chocolate/peanut butter ice cream cone!

    How's THAT for healthy eating!! See-I told you!! Wonder why I feel like a Big Mac hit me today??

    Well, there's always tomorrow, and we can start over again, right???
  4. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    (un)fortunately, I had a sinus infection on Christmas which prevented me from eating too much of anything. My eating habits were probably a bit unhealthy, however, as I was sleeping from 3:30-12 and not eating breakfast.

    I had no trouble staying away from the cookies and candy. I've never been much of a sugary foods person anyway, unless chocolate is involved.

    My only weakness was the mashed potatoes at Christmas dinner. I ate a ton of those ^_^
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Wren,

    Didn't have to cook to much since we were at my son's home. I brought an apple pie (well the apples are healthy, aren't they? I also made a new receipe for creamed onions. I used to use cr.of mushroom soup but this time I found a real recipe but it was pretty easy with butter and milk (I forget how much butter).

    Has anyone had Terducken? We did for the first time. It was delicious. It is a duck inside a chicken inside of a turkey. It had a sort of spicy flavor which was yummy. Of course there was oyster stuffing (or "dressing" as they call it here in Tx and down south , corn, and fresh roasted asparagus that my daughter made. That was very healthy (the corn and the asparagus). There was also pumpkin pies, apple and and apple carmel pie tht I did not taste but it looked great. There was also the customary whipped topping to go with it. I did not notice if it was lite or not. Of course I had to have some on my pumpkin pie.

    Of course everything had to washed down with some wine along with a fancy cup of coffee and some water in between.

    I agree with who ever said that mashed potatoes was her favorite. If we had had it it would have been mine to but I would have also made some gravy to go with it- I could almost make a meal out of mashed potatoes and GRAVY!!!

    Everybody's dinner sounded pretty good to me. Not sure about the tuna sandwhich but I do like tuna sandwiches and the takeout sounded good too (if I don't have to cook it it is usually good to me!!)

    Hope you all had a great day and are feeling well after all their eating and festivities.

    Blessings to you all !

    Warm hugs,

    Marilyn (that Granni)


    I think I'm going to be recovering from all of the Christmas food for weeks, and brother, I don't want to think about getting on a scale anytime soon either!

    Have a great evening..
  7. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    oooooh. you said gravy.

    i LOVE gravy. I know what you mean about being able to make a whole meal with gravy.

    There's just something magical about it, isn't there? :D
  8. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Oh, yeah, right! You got me laughing with just the subject!

    I'm not sure you would agree, but I think pralines and iced sugar cookies make a wonderful breakfast! DH called the sugar cookies breakfast bars!

    We have so much junk left over I sent enough home with my daughter to feed our whole local pro basketball team! She dates one of the guys and he requested lots of pralines.

    Today when I stopped at the tire store to help out the same daughter with a tire problem I left a new Whitman's Sampler box with the guys there.

    I plan to pass this stuff all over town and push it onto everyone who comes through the door here at work!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  9. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    I cooked this big meal of mashed potatoes, ham, etc. It looked really good, unfortuntely, my IC was acting up, and I was in a lot of pain from like 2a.m. Christmas day till the next day! so I really couldn't eat dinner with the family. I did however, eat a little bit the next day, but it wasn't the same!
    This year, my husband didn't get me the chocolate cover cherries like he always does-- if he did I would of ate them all in one sitting and be in more pain then I was! (that is my one downfall).
  10. Pottersclay

    Pottersclay New Member

    Lets just say in the past week I have gained five pounds. Back on the band wagon diet on January 1st.

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