how I approached my endocrinologist!

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    Hi again,

    I have an appt with my endocrinologist next week
    and he usually sends me for labs for liver, cholest,

    I have an appointment with a Lyme dr the week
    after I see the endocrinologist and wanted to make
    sure my bloodwork was done.

    I faxed my endo a letter this morning and I asked
    if he would do my blood work prior to my appt rather
    than after it so I would have my results.

    I also asked him to do thyroid including antibodies
    and also the cortisol a.m. test.

    The office called me this morning and said my slip
    was ready! He is in the same office building as
    my PCP so when I go to my PCP tomorrow
    I will pick up the slip. I am counting on him doing
    the tests I asked about. I told him about FMS, etc
    and he has been good in the past. I knew if
    I called the office that the secretaries would take
    it upon theirselves to deny me and never ask him.
    So, I addressed the fax to him and knew that they
    would put it on his desk! Yeah.

    I don't know how I am going to go to an
    drawing. I barely sleep by then sometimes.
    I am also afraid of getting in a car with my
    back. It is so fragile. Maybe I should wear
    my brace but the heat outside is scorching!
    I would die of sweat and heat.

    I am so fed up with life I cannot tell you.
    I am so worried about having lyme. I don't
    know how I will survive if I have it or some other
    big infection that needs attention. From all
    that I have read, people have a really tough time
    of it when they are on them. I feel so alone.
    I also don't know how my mother will be able
    to take it. I think I should check myself into
    a nursing home. I feel like an old lady I might
    as well live like one, too.
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    That was clever of you, can just imagine what the docs I've seen on the NHS would say to that! GP might consider it though, but she can't access the ones I really want.

    I think sometimes we become overwhelmed not just by our DDs but with all the possibilities over what might be contributing to all our problems. Please just try to take one day at a time, deal with what you have to, and then when some results come back you will hopefully have some better idea as to what your immediate future holds.

    I'm one of those people who has to know, whatever the answer may be. I'm bad at accepting something unless I know why it's happening to me, then I have to find out more so that I can help myself. It's the way I am. I want answers but I want to be in control over what is done about them. Too many medical disasters in the past I suppose.

    Try not to spend ALL your energy worrying over all this, I know that's easier said than done, as most of us can appreciate.

    Take care


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