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    First I want to thank Bonnie for showing me this site. I've had FMS for about 10 years but didn't get it diagnosed until about 6 years ago.

    What I do does not get rid of all the pain but it is managable enough to dance, take care of my house, flowerbeds and still work. I'm not perfect...I eat and do things I know that irritates my FMS...

    Anyway...the one thing that makes me hurt worse is not doing anything...but when your in pain, depressed...well you all know what I mean....who wants to do anything?

    So here is what I take an a daily basis.
    I take Ultram (I'm aware not everyone can take this...but it works for me) about two hours before I have to get up. This helps to break the stiffness and pain...cause you wouldn't want to see what I look like on that initial trip to the cabinet...I'm only 43 and look like a 90 year old person! I also take lots of vitamins cause I'm not much of an eater and know I don't get what I need on a daily basis. And like I'm sure several of you can relate...what I do eat I get bloated from....especially dairy!

    My number one vitamin is Coral Calcium which now sells at WalMart. I paid good money for that stuff before it hit the retail chains. It cut my Ultram in half, it helps with my chronic fatigue and it gives me more energy. I started taking CQ10 main reason because I smoke and it helps put the oxygen back in my system (another thing you shouldn't do with FMS). I also take the normal stuff like C and E...etc. I take psyllium to help with IBS.
    So the only thing I take as far as medicines is the Ultram. I would love to stop taking it but haven't found a natural vitamin that can keep me from pain. I can't not do anything...I have a house to take care of and I love my flowers, and now were dancing which is my exercise.
    Do I still have I sit here in write this my body aches, but it's like I said managable.
    We are trying to eat better, buy organic foods...
    OK on the topic of organic foods........why does it make more sense to charge more for stuff that is not put in our foods like pesticides and other chemicals? Why because people aren't used to buying it organically. So, hopefully, when more and more people realize that buying the organic stuff will make you feel better because it doesn't have all that crap in it, then the prices may come down.
    Well, I could go into a whole book on how I feel about the I'll refrain...
    Just know that it's really are what you eat and your body will reflect it.

    I wish everyone well!

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    Thanks for the heads-up concerning Coral Calcium and CQ10. When I go grocery shopping this weekend, I'm going to give those a try.

    I take Tramadol, too. Having been on heavy narcotics in the past, I can honestly say this works just as well, if not better than anything I've tried in the past.

    I do a lot of stretching. I tend to get muscle spasms quite a bit and this seems to be the only thing I can do to temper this type of pain. I've tried actually working out but I end up pulling and straining muscles so I've settled for stretching, drinking Gatorade and, generally, keeping busy.

    Thanks for the input!

    Chin up,

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    The reason that you pay more for food that has had less stuff put on it is that the stuff that is put on the non-organic food increases yield and reduces damage/spoilage. It is actually more expensive to produce organic foods. I’m not sure if it cost as much more as they charge for it, though.

    The primary goals of commercial agriculture/horticulture are:
    1) cheap food
    2) food that looks good

    Anyone who has a garden knows that insect and disease blemishes are a fact of life. A situation easily solved with a paring knife. Unfortunately, very few people garden any more. The average consumer wants food that looks nice and is cheap. They don't care if it tastes good or is good for them.
  4. I have to check out coral calcium, it sounds like it really helps.

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