How I do get out of where I live? Feel so stressed and pushed

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    Hi everyone,

    I am having such a hard time living with my family and I hate living with them to the point that they are stressing me out.

    My mother was complaining once again that my bathroom is not tidy and I really try to do my best with cleaning things out and away but I have so much trouble getting around.

    She is like well you are living with normal people and says that I am not normal and I am not normal I am sick.

    I want to leave but how do I do that?
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    i know that i when i think of how my life would be without my husband i am scared.i cant shop and at the moment i cant 36 if my husband didnt do as much as he does or if something happened to him. i see me going into some sort of home now that is scarry. charlene
  3. fibrohugslife

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    The stress is overwhelming with my family and when they come at me telling me all the time that I need to clean up more and honestly I do see that but it is even harder for me to be able to do that. The last time my mother cleaned out all sorts of important things that I needed for my body or just documents in general.

    I decided to just save me for my sake to sell off a majority of my crafting supplies due to my dad getting on me for having too many things, but how does one decide that it is too much? My crafting items I need in order to be able make my cards, scrapbook pages and be able to sell them.

    My goal is to participate more in my community with anyway that I can handle and do.

    I know that if I lived in on my own I would be able to clean when I was able to without having the pressure or someone on me all the time to do this or that. I guess I just feel like that I have reached my max with all of that.

    But I have nowhere to go but to a shelter out here and well that is worse, so once again I just feel stuck.

    I blew up at her for threatening me with that and that this has been going on since I was a child and I am just tired of it. I felt like I was being pushed to the max, and then emotionally I just shut down and have a fit of some sort. I really try to react act normal as I can during the argument. But between her and my dad they just push and push and push, till I can't take it anymore.

    They act like it is the end of the world if something is not picked up right away. I will get to it eventually in my own timing, and they have a hard time accepting that I am not their normal daughter anymore.

    Anyway I have to just stay where I am, and just maybe wait to see which one I get approved for SSI or SSDI or both. Then I will seek out something more.

    I do feel that I can do more but I am not always able to do that so I don't know....ugh...
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    Do you not have housing where you live. We have a community housing here that is based on income. When I first moved here I did not have an income at all and rent and electric was free. As I got a job and got paid they based it on pay. If you recieved SSI they would do something different. Right now I know several people in that sub-division not having to pay rent or electric because of their income.This is not goverment housing per say but does have some funding from gov. Now they would make monthly inspections and spray for bugs but usually they left you alone. Might check into that.I know it is really bad having to depend on others for housing, I like living on my own and couldn't imagine doing anything else.
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    Boy, what a conundrum! Do you get disability? Are you making enough money doing crafts to save for a small apartment? If not, do you share what you do make with your family? Are you still dating?

    Living with family is not the best way to go but a shelter would be far worse, wouldn't it? So I gotta risk making you mad and ask: are you sure you're doing all you can do to lend a hand? It would be so very easy and understandable to fall back into your role as The Kid, especially not feeling well. And it can't be easy for them having another mouth to feed either, no matter how much they love you.

    Now I'm going to hide under my desk.

    Sending hugs beforehand,