How I manage my fibro---works for me!!! Larac.

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    Hi, I have had fibro since 2005---I had a pharmacy job, which I loved and have been in the business for 20yrs until aug 2007, when my fibro-doctor told me I had to resign--

    I have been to hell and back with meds and trying to gain weight--
    I currently tale effexor xr 150mg 2 times a day, which has been great-no side effects---I must have tried every antidepressant from a to z--

    I take adderal xr 30mg once a day to stay awake due to narcolespy--

    I have a horrible time sleeping at night--so I take xanax 1mg (3) and 1 at 7:30pm--My dr. and I have discuss Xyrem, but it is not in United States yet and trial studies are still being done--

    I take Imitrex 100mg when headpain is out of this world which is every day, but I can only get 12 tablets a month--so I have midrin, but Imitrex is the best..

    I get nerve block shots in my left side of neck or back left side shoulder--them help...

    If I can help anyone with my knowledge of medications or with my experiences with this unpredictable illness, please let me know--I would really like to know what others have been doing for their symptoms....Larac....I have done alot of research on fibro-chronic pain and fatigue, migrianes, nerve blocks and so much more---I would really like if I could help anyone--
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    I just wanted to say hello...and thank you for your post. I do believe sharing all our experiences help one another.

    This is a great site for that...


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