How in the world is everyone??

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  1. Doznclan3

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    I thought I haven't been on for a while. Where is everyone?? I hope you are all out there having a blast. A fun kind of blast. lol.

    So, doing ok here...I have a horrible foot problem going on..anyone ever have Planter Fascia? hmmm, not too sure about the spelling. But I know it's hurts pretty bad.

    I think I'll ask for some prayers. I've done the exercises..I've tried the cold. I've tried the stretching before I get up in the mornings. I've tried the shoe inserts. They help. Guess it will go away when it wants to. Or not! :( Well, they say it can. I certainly don't want surgery.

    How are the gardens doing? I only planted a few things, but it has rained so much, first of all they went in late, and second, they haven't gotten very much sun shine until lately. They are just taking off now. Tomatoes and Crook Neck Squash. Around here, Cherries are usually done by the end of June, 1st of July, but they are just now ripe enough to sell here. The weather has been strange this seems all over the states..

    Well, I hope everyone is feeling as well as can be, seems that summer is usually a slow time on here.

    Maybe we should think of something to do that might bring us back to visit. I like our visits when there are more than two or three.

    And, who is that mod? Nice to see you here..I like that cute little picture under your name.
    Good idea. :))

    See ya'll later...write now..think of something. Let's see, how about...letting us know your past dog names..even it's girls..but I'm looking for a good boy name. We got a new pup! A Yorkie.
    So far, we've been trying Dallas...not quite sure. Anyone want to share some dog names?
    Thanks, love to all, and I really do pray for you here, because I do think of you all here. Often. :)
  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Im guessing everyone has their own little thing going on.

    With me, its this darned fatigue. which has been worse the past couple
    of days. i dont know if its the anxiety which spiked when daughter arrived
    for summer break from college. and the knowledge that a lot of visits / visitors
    will be expected.

    i havent been able to keep up with the housekeeping due to the fatigue and
    this in turn causes more anxiety which causes more fatigue, vicious circle.

    have got in a few visits tho. and made some effort to go out with daughter.

    she hasnt got bored yet, thank heavens.

    Past dog names, well, we've had a Yoogi, Lucky, Tashi in the past. You must
    be enjoying your new pup! they are the best. watch out for your slippers, socks
    and furniture tho! we had one which chewed everything from ear phones, to calculators
    to towels, and one which would snatch the dhs sock out of his hand when he went to
    put them on and race downstairs with us in full pursuit.

    God Bless
  3. Doznclan3

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    Springwater, sorry about the fatigue! I know that vicious cycle. I hope things go better than expected with the visits. I'm the same way, want to see family, but oh my, sometimes it can be very stressful. According to who is coming over.
    We did a bit of visiting today. Have a daughter that thought she was going to have her baby by tonight. Went to see her at home, but things were slowing down. Looks like no baby tonight. She has a Dr's. appt. tomorrow. Will see if what she did in the early part of the day did anything progress wise. :)

    Rain...I hope that too much going on doesn't mean...too much pain. Just hope you are busy with life, in a good way.
    Thank you for the info. I am going to check out that Icy Hot. I am willing to try anything. 8 months..oh dear.

    Well, hope all is well with everyone else. Where is our Windblade?
    Bill, hope you are doing well too! :)
    Take care, love, Cynthia
  4. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    I'm glad I came back on and read this. I have seen an icy hot in the store, and wondered if it was the same thing. Will have to check it out.

    I am also trying the oils. And, I've been putting cold on my feet..not hot yet.
  5. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    It's been 100 - 110 degrees in our state, New Jersey.

    Yesterday, Friday we lost power on one of those over 100 days. High humidity. It was grueling and scary. No fans or anything working to move the air.

    I tried keeping cool with shower, then cold cloths, but everything kept drying so fast.

    Made it through though - it took 6and a half hours for power to come back on. Didn't know if I would have to go to hospital or not.

    I have this condition where when my body overheats - it doesn't cool off by sweating. I just keep getting hotter, and clammy skin. Hard time breathing too - but I staved off the panic this time that I usually get.

    Today was knocked out - slept most of day - very dizzy. Always get dizzy in heat. Was able to eat a little though.

    Just going to keep resting until I feel better. Thinking of all the sick people in this brutal weather, and old and young.

    We used flashlights and candles. The petrochemicals in the candles made me feel sick - I have MCS. Must get some veg. oil candles for emergencies.

    Was thinking of Springwater going through power failures so often!

    Hi to everyone!
  6. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    I've heard of the heat wave back east. So sorry! I'm glad you at least had the water to keep on you. I went through a close call years ago while out on a boat. My husband got smart, and started to sweep water on me from the side of the boat. Just having that water on me until we got back to camp really saved me, I believe that. The heat gets to me also. I am so thankful that we aren't up that high..knocking on wood!
    Will be praying that your power stays on! Just take it easy as best you can. Sounds like you know how to take care while this thing happens. I can't imagine it being so hot, and not having power. Bless your heart.
    Love, Cynthia
  7. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Doz, thank you, I'm feeling all recuperated now. Was knocked out completely the next day, but that's to be expected. I hope you will find relief for your plantar fascitis - I've had it too and it was so very painful! I hope Rainbow's med will help. I think I had trigger point shots in my heel. I had bursitis and tendonitis and that at the same weird time. I think I might have twisted wrong when I was doing some tricky pruning and gardening.

    I took Sam-e and gluchosamine chondroiton and eventually everything healed up. I know it's so hard to even get around.

    I was wondering if you've heard of Ann Voskamp's book, 'One Thousand Gifts'? It's a rare and powerful book, and means so much to me because of the trauma she experienced, how it impacted her family, and the hope she found to bring healing, and her faith increasing. Faith, hope and love! And there is her blog also:

    Rainbow - hi! How have you been? How are things going at your place, with all the animals and plants, flowers, pond and vegetables? How did your dinosaur bird turn out? What was he anyway?

    I know if you're involved with the fracking it must be very difficult, as you are an empath. Very painful situation. My husband has a friend who lives right by the Delaware Water Gap, and is protesting also.

    I was thinking of you when I came across this, " The beating of the heart produces an electromagnetic field much more powerful than that created by the brain." (Stephen Harold)

    I was thinking of all your concentration on the heart chakra.

    Springwater - hi. I've started reading the Thich Nhat Hanh book that I had mentioned to you: "Reconciliation: Healing the Inner Child".

    It was so encouraging to me that his teachings from a Buddhist point of view validate what I have learned from therapy - the most valuable thing of all that I've received, I think.

    Hope your weather cools off soon - it must be so very hard to deal with. And that you get some time in a lovely mountainous area!

    Getting ready for a Dr. appt for tomorrow - just for meds. But I'll enjoy the ride through the pretty little towns on the way. Catching site of all the flowers in bloom now.

    Love to all,
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    How relieved I am to hear from you.

    Was wondering and praying.

    The heat, i think one gets used to it. i knew from early childhood i didnt do well
    in heat. when i was in my hilltown in India, we would discuss the temps in this
    country and i would thank my stars i was not here, but some 35 years
    down the line, here i am for good.

    but one deals with it. i am so much better off than a lot of people who have
    to sleep under tin roofs with no fan, nothng.

    I can just imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for all of you who
    are not used to this kind of heat. pls do take care and i hope and pray the
    weatehr conditions improve soon.

    I tried to practise mindfulness today while doing the dishes. From the book
    of 'Mindulness' by Thich Nhat Hanh. Oh i meant 'mindfulness'. Hmm. Min dul
    ness. Freudian slip,what? Because thats what i struggle with a lot. ha ha.

    I must get the book you are reading. I will after i finish my present ones.
    I am glad you are drawing something good from it. Isnt T N H a gift? Just
    like the Dalai Lama is? I love them both so much. In my meditations i always
    visualise both of them. They bring so much solace.

    Rain - i just did some pranic healing just now and did some cleanng on my
    heart chakra. i have been having slight pains there and a healer friend told
    me this chakra of mine is a little depleted. he is pretty good. did the classes
    with me but was much ahead in receptivity and sensitivity than any of us.
    he was telling me while healing nowadays, he can sense disturbances, and
    the patients aches and pains. sometimes he even senses voices within the
    patient. this is disturbing him tho. because he does not know how to deal
    with it. he is searching for someone to instruct him.

    he sensed my heart condition, ( i mean the slight aches i got) and the pain
    in my legs before i ever told him. and also told me my solar plexus is really
    congested and that my problems seem to be nearly mostly all due to emotional
    mental issues. he made me do a ritual where he said prayers and lit a candle
    and left me alone to externalise all my anger and issues and visualise throwing
    them into the candle. I have to say after all that, i did feel extremely light and
    normal for a day and a half.

    i went to him because i thought he would be a good healer since he seems
    to be more advanced than any of us. and i was right, his healings always
    leave me feeling immediately rejuvenated. but he is merely in his mid twenties
    and like me a learner and is himself getting aches and pains after healing.
    i hope he does not abandon plans to become a full fledged healer because
    of this. he is also not financially too well off and could not take the two
    courses of advanced and psychotherapy we others did due to money constraints.
    so he asks me questions and we discuss each other experiences. I think the
    auditory sensations of other people speaking within the patient while he was
    doing healing, badly upset him and when i told him i had had experiences of
    hearing voices in the past (I have) he was relieved. he thought something
    might have beenwrong with him.

    Cynthia - i hope the plantar condition gets better. Sometimes i wonder how many
    thngs are there to deal with in this world. i had never even heard of this
    condition until recently.

    Oh dear, my daughter walked past and must have caught sight of the line
    "i didnt do well in heat" and she told me whatever it was i was writing it
    doesent sound very nice".

    well i have fibro fog and cant thnk very well so im leaving it as it is.

    you all take care, my lovely people

    God Bless

  9. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Keep up with your pranic healing. Concentrate on each minute, hour, day or parts of a day where you have received greater energy, more motivation, less sluggishness, clearings of your system, less sadness!

    That adds up to a lot! Plus it's an adventure .

    Spring - thank you so much for your prayers and concern. It means a lot to me.

    Sometimes I get so dried out, I just need to spend time 'filling up the well' as the saying goes. Spending time enjoying art works, poetry, literature, spiritually filling up the well from teachers , writers that help me so much.

    Counting up the beauties and delights scattered throughout the day, until words come again.