How is fibro related to Parkinsons?

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    In what way is fibro related to parkinsons? Has anyone else heard that?
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    That post should have been titled differently, or had information/background of *where* it was said, that fibromyalgia and Parkinson's disease are related.

    I do believe it was meant to be more of a question, rather, than a statement.

    LOTS of diseases are related, but not connected(does that even make any sense????)...... Parkinson's, MS, and alzheimers are all neurological diseases. That makes them related, somewhat. That does not mean there is a LINK between, or to, all of them....sure they have some symptoms in common, i.e.--tremors(MS & Park), forgetfulness(MS & Alz), trouble walking (MS & Park) etc...but, I'm pretty sure that having fibro does not make you any more prone to or mean that you have Parkinson's disease. And vice versa. I've heard of one case of a woman with fibro, and now having suspected parkinson's. and then there's my cousin, who was thought to have fibro, then final diagnosis was parkinson's.

    Having said that..... I will say,(my own family story proceeds)--- that I myself have "probable MS," I have fibromyalgia (and CFS), my mother and her 2 sisters, have fibro, and a few years ago doctors thought my 30 year old male cousin, Mike,who was a Marine in the past, had fibromyalgia; he ended up with a final diagnosis, of Parkinson's disease,and a seizure disorder. (he also now requires hearing aids, and has also had life long severe asthma). He was **28** years old when he was diagnosed. He had just found out he was going to be a first time Daddy, earlier the same week. (She's beautiful baby girl by the way.) :)No one else in the family has Parkinson's, no one in our history. My cousin has been told he is 25-30yrs too young for such a disease, but, they are sure that's what it is.......

    I have to say it is odd; To have a 30 year old cousin with Parkinson's, and 4 in the family with fibromyalgia, and now me having MS (probable). I also have one aunt on my Dad's side. She has fibromyalgia and MS, (MS and B-12 deficiency Dx'd just in June/July of this year). She has 2 boys and one girl (all are grown),the girl being the youngest,and now the girl (24 years old) is getting sick............ as well, my 27 year old sister, who has always been healthy, and strong as an ox, is now having terrible troubles.........both have infertility issues, cousin has diabetes, endometriosis, etc........(???????)

    But,(getting back to the POINT!!!) never have I heard of Parkinson's and fibromyalgia being related, or linked, or any of that.

    (Just a side note)
    I also have numerous (nearly 20+) on-line friends, with MS and fibromyalgia, some had fibro first, some had MS first.... ALSO......My own doctor says "it's just a matter of time before doctors/researchers figure out that fibromyalgia is 'just another form of Lupus or MS'" I agree with her wholeheartedly. (she is a D.O.)

    I'd LOVE to see any info or studies on the subject though.

    I hope people do not become freaked out by that person's post (so sorry I cannot remember who posted about this.)
    I'm sure the purpose was to ask/inform........not to scare, or insite panic.

    Take care,
    off to search again for any info or research..........

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    With me, I started out just grasping at straws with my reg doctor, trying to find answers to all my weird sypmtoms, but mainly my terrible headaches, weird numbness, pins and needles sensations, and we were still searching for ANY answers for the source of my vomiting.

    SOME, but not all, of the symptoms of MS can be:

    Numbness, tingling, hot/cold sensations, nerve pains, vision problems, (double vision, blurring, white spots, black spots, total vision loss sometimes with pain, i.e. optic neuritis), neurogenic bladder (bladder spasms, leaking urine, losing control of bladder, urgency problems), losing bowel control, difficult walking, tripping over things (can be caused by lesions in certain areas of the brain, and by foot drop), tremors(sometimes), jerky movements, dropping things, forgetfulness, (like our fibrofog) most MS'ers call it CRS, for "can't remember sh*t"...., speech problems, sometimes, rarely swallowing problems, walking like "a drunk" running into walls, vertigo, dizzyness(dizzyness and vertigo *are* different things) nystagmus(uncontrollable jerky,eye movements). and the list goes on and on.........very much like fibromyalgia, in certain symptoms, except for the more severe ones.........

    The tests, are usually MRI's of the brain and C-spine, (sometimes also of the Thoracic and Lumbar spine, lesions have even *rarely* been reported in the sacrum area)(tailbone)Usually, though, I think brain and C-spine are what will be ordered... to check for lesions (or scarring, due to demyelination.....lots of bloodwork can be done to help check for infections, deficiencies, thyroid, lyme disease, b12 deficiency, (those will also be looked at, along with glucose, etc etc) through spinal fluid (IF a spinal tap is necessary) in my case it was, due to 3 brain lesions discovered.

    They can also do "evoked potentials" tests, which test for nerve damage, the test the eyes, ears, and/or arms and legs, to see if nerve damage exists, on mine, it showed I had damage "consistant with lesion location" my lesions are on the left,in my brain, and I have nerve damage in my right foot........

    As well, the neuro also does his or her own tests in the office, of balance, reflexes, sometimes, pupil response, how well your eyes can follow an object (finger, pen tip, etc).............

    I have had many tests, MRI is abnormal, SSER(arms and legs nerves test to see how the signals are sent to and from my brain to my body) was abnormal, reflexes are abnormal, but, spinal tap is normal, also, my diagnosis of "trigeminal neuralgia" at my age (25) is indicative of MS, but, there is no "magic test" really, so, like fibro, MS is diagnosed not only through all the clinical tests, but, through symptom history too, it plays a big part in the diagnosis.

    I'm not a doctor, I just speak from my own reading, research, and experiences, I hope this helps. If you have any more questions please let me know,

    Like I said, this post does not begin to list all possible signs, symptoms, tests, etc, just some of the basics.........

    Have a good night,

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    If you all see any typos,misspellings, etc, with my posts, lol, *please* exscuse........the fog, is THICK tonight, and my evening meds do not help any......

    I'm just callin' it a night, for now. LOL

    Waving my white flag, if anyone can see it through this crazy fibrofog..........

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    Dr. Garth Nicolson, the researcher who found the mycoplasma relationship to Gulf War Illness, FMS, and CFIDS, believes that a lot of our illnesses may be related. Researchers are looking for common connections between these illnesses and Parkinsons, Lupus, MS, ALS, ADHD, autism, and eating disorders. Bi-polar disorder may also be somehow related.

    There is no proof of this, but it is an area which researchers are looking into.

    Love, Mikie
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    I hope I did not come off as snotty in the other thread, I was just very concerned that the phrasing of that post seemed to be causing a lot of worry, and god knows we don't need any more of that.

    Thanks for posting more info for us.
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    In most of the cases I have heard of, the MS, Lupus, or Parkinson's was in place before the FMS, even if the FMS was diagnosed first. In a lot of cases, FMS is secondary to another illness. It usually does not work the other way around.

    Someone may tell you he or she had FMS first and then developed another illness, but chances the other illness was developing undiagnosed prior to the FMS.

    Love, Mikie