How is it that I still don't understand how fibro can effect me?

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    Today has been one of the worst days of my life, since fibro became a part of it.The way I feel today I have to say that my fibro is flaring and so is the arthritis. My back hurts in places it has never hurt before, my right ankle aches so deeply and then sends shooting pains from my calves down to my foot. There is no spot on my body that is not in pain.

    I remember an old song that discribes some of how I feel.
    A little bisquse doll and a little rag doll and a dolly imported from, france were seated on day on the shelf of the store with a doll that could wind up and dance.
    When all of a sudden the shopkeeper heard a scream heard thro' out the store
    And this was the plaint of the little bisque doll
    That made such an awfull uproar.

    I have a pain in my sawdust that is what the matter with me,
    Some thing is wrong with my little insides
    I am just as sick as can be,
    Don't let me faint, some one get me a fan
    some one else run for the medicine man
    Every one hurry as fast as you can for I've a pain in my sawdust.

    They took her away in a hospital van,
    The whole town was filled with the blues.
    For everyone thought it was quite an odd thing
    All the papers printed the news.

    The surgon's looked wise
    and asked her just where she was sick?
    I think I've appndi-sawdust,she exclaimed
    Some one do some thing quick
    For I've a pain in my saw-dust.

    I feel like there is some thing wrong in my sawdust as well, I 've been tested and proded
    not once but so many times. That my head spins.When I called my doctor today because the pain was so bad, I struggled to explain just how I felt. I could not find the right words to explain where this pain is and what it is doing to me.
    I related how I feel to the song of the little bisque doll because no one knew what to do for her.
    They poked, cut her open only to find they could not put her back together again. I have had surgery and thankfully I was put back together, but still left in pain. Time healed the pain from surgery . But it left pain that keeps on comming back in my wrist , ankle ,knee's and back, I try to do as I should to gently exercise and eat right but there are days like today where nothing I have done seems to have helped at all.

    I took advil at first thinking that some of the pain was from inflamataion, but it really did n't help much so I took a qucik acting pain pill and after two hours I could think straight but still ached with every movement I took.

    I don't mean to complain or whine, I know that my pain is not as bad as some people have, I am really trying to stop the negitive thoughts , and the negitive people in my life, my girls understand that I haev real reasons for pain like the arthritis and back problems it is the unseen fibro that they don't understand. HOw can you be active one day and the next your so sleepy and in pain that you can't get out of bed?

    I struggle with it too. Why can I walk around Walmart two or three days in a week for two or three weeks and when I walk around the store with my daughter , I am in more pain and tell her that it is time to go home. I take a hot bath and the pain has by now become so bad that I can't sleep. The pain at night is so bad I can't sleep in my bed, it hurts so badly to walk in to the bedroom. So I end up sleeping in the recliner not comfy at all.
    WE have had two cold weather systems in the past three days, one day it rained lightly and the rest of the week we have had gusty winds off and on.

    Yesterday I spent a abot 20 minutes iwth my Mom at the rehab unit she is in, I went to the store , and used the electric cart did not walk at all. When I came home I was so tired but sleep didn't come to me till way late and when I woke this a.m. I was so tired, sleepy, that I crawled in to the bed and slept till noon and got up ate lunch and sat in the relciner and dozed off and on.
    My pain was so bad I called the doctor as I have said but have not heard a word from him
    not that I expected him to call. Now as I sit here and write , I needed to tell some one how I was feeling and knew I can come here and tell you.

    I didn't mean this post to be so long. Sorry,
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    I have started taking different suppliments like B-12 2500mcg, Magnesium 250 mg , Vit D 5,000 units. I tried to take melatonin 5mg sublingiual, when I took it I would either fall right to sleep or fall alseep in 20 minutes and wake up in 4 -6 hours still sleepy and out of it sleepy all day long. So I stopped taking it any more.

    I also take 800mg of Ibuprofen up to 3 times a day.
    I have tried to use different herbs to help me sleep but some have side effects to my Xanax {I have been on it for over 20 yrs} So I won't be stopping it any time soon. I have tried to get off the xanax with Zoloft, Cymbalta, Elevil, and others that I can't remember what their names were.

    I have tried enough that I don't want to take any more. I know that they are in my medical records, but since we moved I don't remember where the box is that has my medical records in it.
    I would love to try different suppliments but due to my limited SSDI monthly allotment I can't change much and I can't experiment alot as some of the supliments are expenseive , They are not covered by my medicare insurance script plan. I would love to have a massage every month but it too is not covered by my insurance.

    So I am stuck in a rut and can't get out. I don't have the money to spend on treatments that I know would help to ease my aches and pains. I hate it , I have had massages before and they did help to ease the pain but you have to have one done more than once a year. Chropractic care is limited as well. I feel like I am between a rock and a hard spot.

    When I checked the weather report our weather is still unsettled for the next week or so. The tempture changes keep going up and down, we get warmed up a bit and then we get severe flooding and if the tempt is lower and cooler the flooding slows down. So no matter what happens either my bones and muscles are going to ache or we are going to have flooding with in a mile of where we live.

    I am in a better mood today. I got to hold my 7 month old grandson today and played with him for a while, His mommy and I went up town and got gas in her truck and some french fry's from a local fast food place. We had fun just hanging around with each other.

    Today the weather was a bit warmer my muscles and joints, bones ect are some better but not back to my normal. I don't know if they will ever go back to the normal before the flare up's I have had.

    I am going to have to accept that I have different syndromes and arthritis that both flare and cause pain. Some days the meds work really well and other day's don't. Either way I have to accept the fact that I have pain and I have to learn what works best for me, I am trying to do what I can to help my body ease the pain and the stress's that I feel.
    Thanks for your support and concern
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    I will have to check out my medicare apporved plan to see what it will or will not pay for and how much the co pay is for each treatment. I hope that my plan will pay better than i think it will.

    I could really soak in a hot tub about now. But my gym is closed and I don't drive at night. So it will have to wait

    Thanks for the suggestions. ~HUGS~
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