How is MVPS (Mitro Valve Prolapse Syndrome) diagnosed?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kholmes, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. kholmes

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    Just wondering...
  2. pez23

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    It's diagnosed from an echocardiagram done of your heart.
  3. TXFMmom

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    An echocardiogram of your heart can give a great deal of information about this problem.

    Additionally, I wore a Holter monitor for 24 or 36 hours, to help them see the tachycardia which was originating from the valve.

    In this, an EKG is placed, and left on you for that period of time, while you go about your life, and a real time EKG is recorded, and then reviewed, to see if the valve is effecting you on rhythm disturbances.

    Symptoms such as sudden dizziness, palpitations, etc. can also be evaluated.
  4. Bruin63

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    had the Echo test done, and it was done at a Local Hospital.
    Mine was back in 87, and they put me on Inderal, but after a couple of years, it caused me more problems, very tired, and it made my left arm hurt.

    A Heart Specialist, that I saw, after having to move to another state, took me off of them.
    I freaked out, but guess what,?

    I didn't die like I thought I would, and I felt better.

    This Dr. told me that when I get the Heart Flutters, to Cough, that intrupets the Heart Beat/rhytumn, and gets it back on track.
    As long as that works for me, I won't have to take any Beta Blockers.

    Hope you find the answer's you are looking for.
    Have you had Problems, and have you seen a Dr.
    If you are getting ready for a test, these are easy ones, and they don't hurt, too much.

    I have co-existing conditions, that some simple tests are more painful because of them. RSD, for one, where the whole skin can hurt , and turn Red.

    Good Luck,
  5. Fudge43

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    The doctor I went to for breathing problems actually "heard" it .. not a major one .. but still I was SURPRISED she was the only one that heard it !
    Then the echocardiogram ... I have one once a year or at the very least once every two years .. plus that thing of the anti biotics for dental cleaning .. but I may not keep that up .. last time I did it I had a stomach ache for a week !
    It is amazing to watch the echo .. you don't want to really .. but once you have glanced at it .. wow !
  6. Missabelle

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    I went in as a teenager (I Am 35 now) to have a cyst checked in my ear, and my Doc at the time heard it. I belive it is a clicking sound. He then sent me for an Echo that diagnosed me with MVP. Now the syndrome, Im not sure how they test you for that. I really dont need tests, I just know I have it!!

    Fudge....come on!! You have to take your antibiotics before you go to the Dentist!! A lot more is going to hurt than your stomach if you get an infection. Why risk it? Also, if your Dentist is on the ball, he wont do anything unless he knows you have taken them.
  7. futurehope

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    with a stethascope (sp). The Doc could just listen and verify that I had a skip.

    Of course, if was followed up with an echocardiocram.

    They found it when I was 18.

  8. Fudge43

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    Missabelle .... I think I have been TOLD ! haha .. Yes .. I know .. but it is funny that some doctors are sort of pooh poohing the routine of the anti-biotics ... and a question I had left it up in the air too .."what happens if I break the gum while flossing .. and bleed ?" .. the one thing I can say is .. I haven't taken anti-biotics in many years .. except for this .. so I know I'm not building an immunity to them from usage.
    You have a sweet picture with your little one !
  9. cerise

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    MVP SYNDROME is a CLINICAL diagnosis NOT requiring the prolapse of the mitral valve to confirm or deny that diagnosis, according to Dr. Richard Russell, a clinical profesor of medicine, Cardiology Division at the University of Alabama School of Medicine.

    See my previous post under the title "More Info about MVPS".
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  10. cerise

    cerise New Member

    Just received the following article in my e-mail today--

    The Journal of American Dental Association just published an article titled "POSTURAL ORTHOSTATIC TACHYCARDIA SYNDROME DENTAL TREATMENT CONSIDERATIONS."

    The article goes on to explain that patients with POTS may have MITRAL VALVE PROLAPSE, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME.

    The article concluded that despite widespread dissemination of information regarding POTS in the medical literature, scant information on it has appeared in dental publications. And that dentists need to be familiar with the clinical features of POTS and be prepared to treat patients at risk of developing syncope.

    Vo1. 137, No 4 488-493
    Authors: John K. Brooks, DDS and Laurie A.P. Francis, RDH.

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