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    Hello, this is my first post here. I'm 24 years old and been suffering from fatigue for almost four months. I haven't been given CFS diagnosis, but I can't see what else it could be. Because I have a history of depression, my doctor presumed it's because of that(and it isn't). I haven't bothered to keep complaing because I know very few doctors understand or even know about it.

    It all started in early May. I got acute bronchitis. I was coughing up dark brown mucus and had a horrible taste in my mouth. I kept waking up all the time coughing up. Fever lasted for a week, hitting around 103 for several days. Definately worst disease I have had. Once it started to be over I was very tired. I thought it's normal and goes away eventually. Next thing I know it's June, month after it. I could barely go for groceries and even that wore me out. Sometimes I had to skip going for groceries all together.There were days when after eating breakfast I just collapsed to the sofa and spent all day there. I could feel the fatigue in my muscles. I had constant brain fog.

    So June and most of July were very difficult. Late July I suddenly got better for around a week. It felt great..but didn't last. Now at late August I have been keeping log what I do and how I feel everyday. It become very clear what makes it worse..exercise. Classical CFS symptom. Let's see:

    Friday 8/18: Feeling great, went to check my vision to get eyeglasses, rigorous exercise

    Saturday: Feeling dizzy, very tired.

    Sunday: Tired again.

    Monday:Extremely tired, forced myself to do mild exercise.

    Tuesday: Same goes on.

    Wednesday: Feeling good, had enough strength to clean my apartment.

    Next day I was..yep, tired. So going out and exercising basicly crippled me for the next five days.

    I haven't been working but I'm supposed to go to school in one week. How the hell I'm gonna manage? Brain fog won't make it easy. The fatigue isn't that bad like in June but still I can't do things I want to do. Guess I just have to keep hoping it goes away, like I have been doing for the last months.

    If somebody read the whole thing I'm delighted. I just had to get it off my chest somewhere.
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    You also could still have what you came down with originally or an after effect.

    See box at top of the page...the search box?

    Type in Help me Help a friend and leave it on title and click.

    That will bring me up with that posting I made. I think this will help you. Espically the last list.

    Print that out and check what problems you have and take it to your Dr.

    Keep us posted on all of it. I am sure that others will have more, and better things to post on this.

    Gentle Hugs and Welcome.......Blessings.......Susan
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    They usually make you wait 6 months for a diagnosis of CFS. My 19 year old son has had CFS for almost 2 years now...his was triggered by an acute case of bronchitis. The good news is that he's a lot better than he was at first. The body is slowly healing itself. He is able to go to college full time (lives at home) as long as we watch him and he gets his rest. He still needs 11 hours everynight, but has no trouble sleeping. Good luck to you and God bless! Terri

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