How long a break from antibiotics?

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    I was diagnosed with lyme in Oct 07 with a test from IgeneX. I have been on anitbiotics for almost a year now with some breaks of a couple of weeks about three different times. I would like to know if your doctors have ever advised any of you to take a break from antibiotics and for how long you could stay off before starting them up again without the lyme bacteria multiplying.
    I take my breaks when the herxing becomes too difficult to deal with. Another lymie email friend of mine who doctors in California with Dr. H has not been told to do this and she has been really sick. She has been on Biaxin/Omnicef and I am on Biaxin/Clindamycin now and herxed quite badly with it. I don't go to the FFC any more but they advocate taking a break from the antibiotics when you get really sick.
    I think I am getting better overall but it is such a LONG process!! Thanks for any responses. Beth
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    the lyme bacteria takes about 20-28 days to replicate, so this shouldn't be a problem.

    My son's LLMD has all his pts take them 5 out of 7 days, with weekends 'off', and every 4th week they are off completely. If they've had a particularly hard month with herxing, the pt may even take a whole month off to let the body's immune system calm down.

    Herxing takes a huge toll on the body!

    Hope that helps... most feel so much better during at least the first couple of weeks of not taking anything, altho usually they can feel the symptoms creeping back in. That should happen less and less as treatment proceeds.

    Altho, of course, abx don't work for everyone sadly for one reason or another; many do alternative techniques, and also pulse them as well.

    all the best,

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    Virgina, thanks for anwering my post. You seem to have tons of knowledge from all of your responses. I have another question. So what are we having when off the meds for a couple of weeks, symptoms flair up again? Can't be a die off still? Or is it the lyme bacteria coming out of dormancy and causing the same symptoms as when one herxes? I usually feel good when I am off the antibiotics but not this time. Been off the meds for about two weeks and have felt symptoms every day.
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    what appears to be happening is that the lyme etc is reactivating since the abx onslaught is no longer in the bloodstream. (You know of course it can go into hiding intracellularly and form cysts/biofilm to hide out) when abx are in the bloodstream. That's what our LLMD and other LLMDs have said, and it does seem to work that way. And the thought is that the immune system can go into 'overdrive'.

    Towards the end of a break, my son says he can feel himself going 'down', ie getting back symptoms - and I can actually observe it as he is definitely affected cognitively, and when I question him he admits to also feeling the pains starting up; when he starts the abx again, he initially feels better (actually feels a 'lift'). But then of course after 2-3 days he starts hexing again. And of course the idea is that you can take longer and longer 'breaks' between the abx pulses.

    But why you're still feeling badly, hard to tell. It could be because of a co-infection that's becoming obvious/active... I've seen it happen in my son, and usually a different abx combination has been tried which usually works.

    You might also try some of the detox methods, you didn't mention if you've tried any? - many feel the lemon juice/olive oil helps, but not everyone of course and many can't stomach it. But there are a lot of things to try. Also IV glutathione can really help. You should of course contact your doctor to consult in any event since this is happening.

    Thanks for the compliment, but all I can really tell you is what I've observed in my son and my own response to doing the marshall protocol (which advocates pulsing but in a slightly different way) for whatever 'it' is I have-- likely the same as he and I have many of the same symptoms, and reading and listening to many people and research.

    Hope that gives you some ideas to think about/ask about, sounds like you have a good LLMD! But this is such a complex thing to figure out unfortunately, one really has to play 'detective' and that's where their clinical experience really helps.

    all the best,

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    I am so sorry I called you Virginia! Brain fog definitely. Not sure what I will blame something like that on when I get rid of this lyme!
    I am thinking it might be the lyme acting up again but it is hard to say. I do have some detox methods I use- one being burbur which I like the best, and the other is epson salts/apple cider vinegar hot baths, and then drinking lemon water (all I have found on the message boards). When I get down however like I have been it seems like this lyme bacteria will never be out of my body.
    I was tested for co infections also at IgeneX and was negative on those thank goodness.
    I hope your son is doing ok. Got to be difficult for a young person to have this for sure.
    Thanks again for you good advice. Beth
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    Hi Beth,

    can you please explain burbur, what it is, how you use it, etc. How much epson salts/apple cider vinegar do you use in baths? Thanks.
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    Do a search on the internet and you can find more about burbur. I read on one of these forums that it had helped people so I decided to try it too. It is a liquid extract from plant leaves and is suppose to help with liver, kidney, lymphatic detox and more according to the claim. I can't remember if I can name the place where I got it?? But its not cheap $24.95 for a small bottle however it does take a while to go thru the bottle. But everyone says it is so important to detox.
    I think it has helped me - except the last few days I am thinking I cannot take my current antibiotic. I don't think its been herxing that I am doing. Thinking I may have to try the natural route for a while. Good luck to you. Beth
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    Sorry forgot to mention the baths. I read the exact amount others have done but I usually don't measure. I have used 1/2 gallon of cider vinegar and a cup of epson salts in as hot of water as I can stand and try to soak for 20 min. They say to soak first in the vinegar and then add the salts. Sometimes I just use the epson salts. Lately I have been using less vinegar too- couple of cups. Then rinse off good and scrub your skin with regular water.
    When I am herxing and after I have soaked I am so weak that I have to lie down for a while. Not sure if that happens to others. It just makes me so weak. Let me know if you try it. Beth
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