how long before u know ultracet is working?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mgmarble, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. mgmarble

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    I was just put on ultracer four days ago and 10mg of flexiral at night. So far o improvement, I actually feel worse :( I was so hoping this would help, I can barely take care of my 7mth old. Thanks for any input. Gin
  2. mujuer

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    You don't say how much you are on and at what dosage. I take it and have for the past two years. It started working for me from the start but I was taking up to six a day then and now am down to three but I am also on prednisone for breakthrough pain. Pamela
  3. HurtsToMove

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    Ultracet is a short-acting pain reliever. If it was going to help, you should know within an hour. You obviously need a stronger dosage, or possibly another type of drug since this one may not touch your pain. If you can, I'd call your doc and ask for a change.
  4. mgmarble

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    Thanks for the response, I take four a day with no relief what so every I will give it to Monday and Call in. I was on predisone too, but he weaned me off it and it has so far been the only thing that helps me. thanks again
  5. tngirl

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    I believe you should feel relief within an hour of taking it if it was going to help.

    I tried ultracet and didn't find it to help. Ultracet is ultram (generic is tramadol) and tylenol combined.

    I switched to tramadol. I can take 2 every 4 hours (theoretically) I don't take that much because I get a terrible headache if I take that many in a row.

    I take it with or between my doses of hydrocodone.

    I believe doctors generally like to start you with milder doeses to see if it will handle your pain.

    Talk to your doctor about it.

    I had to learn to take my pain meds regularly. If I don't my pain cycle gets out of control and it's really hard to break it.
  6. tandy

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    yea,..I'd hafta agree with others in that you should feel it working very soon after taking it.

    This med never helped me either.
    I have it,..and I take it every now & then because I have nothing better. But it does'nt do didly for me either.
    I'd call and see if the doc. can prescribe something else/better.
    Mine would'nt, but you may be in a lucky area of the FM world. lol
    Good luck