how long before Vit D helps?

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    I have had CFS/FM for over a decade. Nothing has really helped. I have recently had my Vit D levels tested and, even though I live in sunny, subtropical Queensland in Australia, the levels were VERY low. The specialist started me on Vit D3 and I feel worse than usual. The usual symptoms of pain, fatigue, weakness and stiffness are apparent with a vengence. I read that this "herx" reaction can happen when a person with CFS starts Vit D. However, does anyone know how long it LASTS. Weeks? Months? Forever? HELP. Gerardine
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    up on the left, you will come up with lots of posts on it.

    Tansy always gives good advice so make sure you check her posts on it.

    love Rosie
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    You need Ca and Mg to absorb and utilise vit D, but only small doses of these are necessary. I also split my dose ie started I did not take it all at once until I had been on a higher dose for some time.

    Yes I had signs my IS had become more active, but thankfully I was forewarned. In these DDs we seem to need to go slowly whatever we take. How long each of these go on seems to vary from person to person; but they are less likely to happen, or are of shorter duration, the longer we take D3. It seems to be worst when we start, and in the earlier stages of raising the dose, after that it's more subtle or no longer occurs as a response to taking D3.


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    Please DON'T supplement with vitmain D until you have both vitamin D tests done. Most doctor's don't test both. The most important test is the 1-25D that is the test that tells you how much of the active hormone is in your body. The 25D is the stored vitamin D in your fat cells.

    Vitamin D is actually a very powerful hormone. You ingest vitamin D from foods and absorb it through sunlight on your skin and through the eyes.

    The 1-25D must be frozen after the draw and kept frozen till the test is done otherwise it will not be accurate.

    Look into the Marshall Protocol. You can do a search on the Library search bar on this website and a search on this website for past posts about the Marshall protocol.

    You can take a bucket of vitamin D and you will not be cured in fact it will feed the cell wall bacteria that are making you sick.

    I learned about the Marshall Protocol from reading the article by Dr. Trevor Marshall from this website and I'm so happy I did. The protocol takes determination and an open mind because you will be going against what alot of people will be telling you. They are going to tell you that more more vitamin d is better. But it is not.

    The best thing you can do is come to the Marshall Protocol website and start reading about it and then decide for yourself.

    But don't take any extra vitamin D untill you get your 1-25D levels tested and by a lab that will do it accurately. The Marshall Protocol website will have all the information you need.

    Before I started the Marshall Protocol I cut vitamin D from my diet and wore special sunglasses to protect my eyes and I started to feel much better after a few weeks.

    Take care

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    Just a short note to thank you for taking the time, and using up the valuable energy, to provide ideas and feedback to my question on vit d. Greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Gerardine

    I hope vit D3 is as helpful for you as it has been for others and myself.

    There is so much controversy over vitamin D that sometimes asking about it, or writing about it, can make us feel as if we've stepped onto a minefield.

    The hypothesis behind the MP may advocate the importance of a D125 test, but most researching vit D consider i unreliable and will interpret the results somewhat differently. It has been observed that supplementing with D3 can raise low D25 levels and subsequently lower D 125.

    There's good info on the importance of vit D on Ken Lassesen's website, also on Dr Joe Mercola's and the vitamin D council's web based resources. I never jump into anything without looking at it from all viewpoints, so I researched vitamin D well before taking the plunge. My choice was based on what I learned and common sense.

    I recently went down with a virus, and for the first time in many years my IS made a strong response (normal) that then settled back down again. A few days ago I could enjoy hours out in the fresh air and Autumn sunlight with none of the predicted ill-effects, these ill-effects did not occur on prior occassions either.

    love, Tansy [This Message was Edited on 10/02/2005]