How long can you have Lyme Disease?

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    I have had body pain, I believe since I was born -atleast that is what both my parnets think. My first memory is when I was 3 1/2 and crying because it hurt so bad. My parents say that was almost a everyday thing for me as a baby. Crying so hard, they thought something must to had happen for a baby to cry that hard. I am now 33 and still have ENTIRE body pain. I have had no other sickness/Illness/injuries/infections/etc. I have just had the pain through - out my entire body since I can remember. Yes, good days - bad days - but its EVERYDAY. Not just my elbow/shoulder/knee - It is normally one side or the other. It is just there. It has not prevented me from doing anything in my life!!

    My question is - is it possible to have Lyme disease for 33 years? I am still just hurting like I was when I was one. Was tested about 10 years ago and it was no for Lyme. I understand that means nothing - I just want to know, is it possible to have Lyme Disease for 33 years and only have ENTIRE body pain - Nothing else?????
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    It is possible to have lyme for 33 years, or even longer.

    Many people have had lyme for a long time because it was never diagnosed or treated.

    I have had it for 22 years. My symptoms were diagnosed as fibromyalgia 22 years ago.

    Different people have different symptoms. There are many possible symptoms.

    It would probably take a good Lyme literate MD to evaluate you and decide if you have lyme or not.

    As you know, testing is poor and a negative test should never rule out lyme.

    There are also alot of coinfections commonly found in lyme patients such as babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia, etc.

    I would urge you to read this lyme info...

    To find a Lyme literate MD, you can contact your local Lyme disease support group, the Lyme disease association, or go to on flash discussion....sign up for free....then post on the Seeking a Doctor Board for a LLMD in your state. also has other great boards, such as Medical Questions.

    I sure hope you get some answers.
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    As you know there's a 'laundry list' of symptoms - not everyone experiences it the same, plus our bodies are all different in their genetic strengths and weaknesses. Some researchers & doctors feel it can be passed on prenatally also.

    Anyway, it's hard to know exactly when most of us got it if we didn't get really sick right off &/or a rash. There are so many overlaps with other diseases....

    Nanie gave you a lot of good sites, check the top sticky here as well. Honestly there is almost too much info, but take your time reading; and most of all, find a good knowledgeable doctor who has experience...

    take care,

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    I remember having crushing fatigue BEFORE I turned 10 years old. I'd tell my mom that I just couldn't walk any further then have to sit down somewhere to rest. Both of my parents have symptoms of Lyme as do some of my aunts and uncles plus all of my 6 siblings.

    So far, only one other sibling has started treatment. We both had known tick bites with EM rashes so it's possible that the other 4 siblings just have mild symptoms from it crossing the placenta but the 2 of us got more Borrelia bacteria and other bugs from our tick bites.

    Read this article - it has some interesting ideas:

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    Munch- how are you doing. Are you able to go off abx now? I'm in a rock and hard place since I have crashed on my first pharmecuticals with unbearable neuro explosion. It seems way more than a herx since I now have so many frightening degen neurological symptoms I can't function. What were our herx's like on abx? Did you tolerate herbs and drugs? I am chemically sensitive and always been senstive to everything--I'm between a rock and hard place since any kind of treatment is not bearable for me right now.
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    iknow a woman who was infected for 28 years before diagnosed, it took 10 years for me.symptoms vary from person. some people are infected with no symptoms, while others can be disabled or die. urge you to be tested through igenex labs by lyme literate dr.current testing and protocal is ineffective. a lowered t-cell count is a good indication of long term infection. lyme pain tends to migrate. my symptoms began on my right side, eventualy affected entire body. please contact lyme disease united coalition