how long do bad cycles average ?

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    ... I'm in one of the worst tired cycles yet .. I haven't touched my garden in a month .. and that is VERY out of character for me ( even in pain I putter in the garden .. keeps my mind occupied for a bit ) .. just so tired now I do one little thing and I need to sit down again .. I don't think I have ever been this bad before or at least it hasn't lasted this long before .. the longer you have FM, does it mean the bad cycles get worse ? .. I'm a little frightened here .. any experience from anyone would be very appreciated .. thanks ..
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    as you do fudge. I have felt this way for the past 9 months. I haven't had a pain free day since January, and feel constantly tired. The smallest thing tires me out and I have to sit down. I am beginning to think this flare up will never go away. As I have nevr had a flare up last this long. And like you feel frightened that I will always feel this tired and in constant pain.

    Sorry I couldn't give you any advice, but wanted to let you know you are not alone in feeling like this.

    Hope you feel better soon.
    Gentle hugs,
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    I have CFS and my relapses last 4 to 6 weeks. For me, a relapse means that I need 12 - 14 hours of sleep a day, I only have energy to shower and nothing else, and I have stomach symptoms that mimic an intestinal infection. I just started a relapse 10 days ago and this time, my Primary prescribed 10 day course of steroids (methylprednisolone). I'm on my 5th day and notice a very, very small difference in energy level (I'm here a t computer!). Maybe steroids are an option for you? Hang in there - 6 weeks in the magic number for me!
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    Thanks for your input guys .. it helps .. I try not to get discouraged .. and I did get the house cleaned today ( I'm a neat freak and I can relax better when things are tidy .. I know it isn't an essential in my life, but now it is the little things that do make a difference to me ).. I try not to over do .. which is hard, to hold back that is.. beause, you never know when you are going to feel up to doing anything .. almost a panic when you do start something .. can I finish this .. let me get as much done as possible please !
    In any case .. view points very appreciated thanks !
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    I've only been taking the Intenzyme Forte for 10 days. Usually, I'd be down for a month after a hair-raising experience like I had in the dental chair, twice in a month for four three hours, a good long month, at least. I even had a full-blown anxiety attack and flew out of the chair at hour three when he clamped on the dental dam, just like a caged animal. Shocked myself more than them, I think. I was supposed to take steroids to relieve the swelling in my mouth, but I didn't want to cause I hate the idea of messing with my immunity or kidneys in my personal case.

    Okay, so it's been 10 days, but I'm up, walking, and even took a class at Billy Blanks and at the S Factor on Saturday, and I'm working in the middle of writing this. My shoulders and hips hurt, but only a little. Took some Advil. Not in bed, like I'd expect to be. If Intenzyme Forte takes down swelling, like steroids, and it is easier on our bodies, gee, it may be my personal little miracle here. All of my joints are moving freely, and it's cloudy today. What is up with that? Even my neck isn't all that stiff and sore.

    Sorry to's just that I know I should be more sick than I am...but I'm not. Back to work, I guess. Wish I knew or understood more than I do. Has this worked for anyone else on this board?
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    ...big soft hug for your private little miracle. That is wonderful. I love to hear good news. It's so encouraging!

    I have RSD and Fibro and RLS. I've had chronic pain since 1976 and I've fluctated between horrible excruciating pain in certain parts of my body, being confined to my bed for a couple of months crying with pain, one partial remission that lasted a few months, one total remission that lasted a few years. RSD/Fibro in only feet and legs a few yrs, RSD going full body last year and Fibro exhaustion through it all. I was able to go to work some years and last May had to totally quit working from pain. Soooooo, there is no rhyme or reason on how it will behave. For me, anyway. I know people who do pretty well with Fibro. They rest when they need to and try not to fight it too much. I hope and pray you level off from bad cycles to workable cycles where you can still do a lot and rest a lot.

    Soft heart hugs,
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