How long do side effects last when starting antidpress. Lexipro

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by buffyr, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. buffyr

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    I took the leap and started on Lexipro for anxiety/depression. A very tough decision to make as I hate taking drugs. I've been very sick after took 1st dose yesterday night. I thought maybe worse because it made me a little buzzed and I didn't sleep well at all. Did'nt take it tonight so maybe I'll sleep well and take it in the morning with food and see how that goes. I'm going on a trip in 7 days and don't want to be sick over then. Just wondering how long side effects lasted for other people so I'll know what to expect. Have nauseau and headache. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!
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    Go to the Lexapro website and review all the possible side effects. Tell the doc about your side effects. Just phone the doc and leave a message.

    Also consider, 5HTP + GABA + Theanine for anxiety/ depression. This stuff works for me. Lexapro gave me anorgasm...its a side effect too...and to think that the doc said that this would help my sexual problems!

    Careful about taking Tryptophan or 5HTP with any antidepressant, it can cause "Serotonin Syndrome" whereas you have too much serotonin. Ask the doc about this first.

    CFS & FM ppl have sleep disorders, I take Valerian Root or Chamomile or Kava kava. You have to switch around as our body's adapt in about 2 weeks.

    Tranquilizers modify the GABA receptor sites in the brain, GABA is available from many stores, but docs didn't know what the "transport mechanism" was to get it inside the brain, now its known to be the amino acid Theanine. Theanine is found in Green Tea and available in capsules.

    See if the GABA + Theanine helps your anxiety. ProHealth sells a brand called SunTheanine.

    Also consider toxic metals. Get a hair analysis. I got mine from 1to1vitamins.
  3. MoibonFL

    MoibonFL New Member

    I've been on Lexapro for about a year now and the side effects went away within a week or so. I'ts been really easy on this drug. Good luck!

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