how long do u use your tens for

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    I am packing and cleaning to move and am real sore I have been using my tens unit alot and wanted to make sure it will not end up making me more sore I do know that it can be used all day for some reasons epecially phanton limb syndrome

    I am turning it off for about 10 mins every 20 minutes

    and have it attached to me for about 4 hrs cuz the electrodes get used up fast and not sticky

    thanx for any advice you can give me -Kim
  2. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    I do dampen and or clean them with water but the problem is they loose their stickiness I'll try aloe and keeping them in a bag

    I must have a good store they allready cost 7 so now I know I am gettin a deal! I did not look where u r from I am from mass mabe all price are cheaper here. wouldn't that be nice lol

    Glad to know I can use them all day mabe I should turn it down a lil thanx for your answer your fibro friend -Kim