How long does it last?

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    Hi, everyone --

    For those of you who experience added pain and fatigue when you eat the "wrong" foods (e.g., white flour, sugar, etc.), how long do the bad effects last from the time you ate the culprit food?



    In all honesty, I've just recently been diagnosed with Fibro so we are kinda' getting to know each other. It seems that I am ALWAYS in some sort of pain. Some days may be good....some may be worse to the point of not being able to walk.

    I still have not "pinpointed" what causes my pain to get worse. Although I have to say, that stressful situations does seem to make me flare up which lasts and lasts and lasts. It's almost like the ever ready bunny, it goes on and on and on.

    Take care
  3. Chrissy2

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    Hi, Cookiemonster-
    Do any particular foods cause a flareup? If so, what are they, and how long does it take to recover?
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    If I can sleep on it, I usually feel better the next day.

    Love, Mikie


    The only thing that I can think of right now is milk. I have not really been keeping track of what I eat, but instead, when is it going to rain.


    I cannot for the life of me understand what the heck milk has in it that makes me have so much gas! It quite embarrassing sometimes cuz you know what, it is the most disgusting smell! It usually lasts I'd say, about half a day.

    When I'm in public, okay guys, don't say this hasn't happened to you, when I feel really bloated I do the "look around to see if anyone is near me" so I can let it out cuz it gets pretty painful. Oh no, my body decides when it wants to "release" itself. I mean, I'm at home for the most part with no desire to release, but as soon as I step's like my body acts like a loves to make fun of me!

    "Whew." Not even the air can blow it away. And for some ungodly known reason, it never fails, that when I let out some "steam" while in public, someone always, ALWAYS, walks around the corner and I just play it off as the steam follows me. :)

    But I had read somewhere that if you have this problem, they recommend that you drink small amounts of milk until your body can build up tolerance to the milk. I know there is a word for it, but I just can't think of it right now.

    Hope this helps Chrissy

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    If I eat the wrong food, say today, the effects usually start within about six hours, then can last for twenty four to longer depending on what I ate.

    For example; I ate coconut candy, well I went into a flare that lasted for weeks. I could not understand why I was in so much pain. Well I made a list of what I was eating, did research, and low and behold coconut can intensify pain reactions in some people. That was two years ago, I have not touched anything with coconut in it since.

    White flour, especially white breads will make me ill for about three days. I cannot eat any fast foods, such as hamburgers, etc. at the local burger places. I believe its the combination of the perservatives, additives, and the while flour.

    Ice cream, even a small scoop of the usual kind will give me IBS, and headaches. The only kind I can eat is Breyers all natural, and not too much of that.

    Any food with MSG in it will cause terrible reactions, including a flare. Usually in a 24 hour period.

    I could go on all day with foods that cause me pain, IBS, headaches etc.!

    I do find that if I drink water after eating the wrong food the reactions are less dramatic. I would suppose the water washes it out of the system faster.

    I do not have a problem with sugar, but I do not eat very much of it as a rule. No sweet tooth here.

    I have no problem with dairy products, in fact I eat homemade butter, cream cheese, and almost raw milk. Thank God, as I am thin and would 'fly' away if it were not for milk and yogurt!

    I cannot eat anything with artificial sweetners in it either. I have to really read labels when I shop and want to try something new.

    I even buy the 'Original' potato chips, and all natural cereals.

    Hope this helps a little for you.

    Besides food, stress is the worst culprit for a flare.

    Shalom, Shirl

    For; COOKIEMONSTER, have you tried Probotics for that gas? It has help me a great deal. Yogurt is also good, it puts the good bacteria back into your system.

    Also, Suzanne Sumer's diet is wonderful for bloating and gas. I can't stay on it all the time as I am thin, but it is a wonderful way of eating healthy.

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    There is a chance happening one day we will meet. The odds are extremely low given the amount of people in the world and chance encounters. However, there is still a chance.

    When that day comes, we will walk (hobble) around together. We will hug, laugh, smile, joke, and truly enjoy each other's company. It will be a memorable day.

    I am going down to the T-Shirt shop at the mall today to have a shirt made for such a chance encounter. On the T-shirt the front will be something cute like "cyber friends unite" on the back will be a large arrow pointing to you with the words "SHE DID IT!!"

    LOL :) It took alot of guts to admit your problem. I too have been caught in very embarrasing situations like that. I am sure we all have!

    Thanks for being you :)
    Sandy (FF)



    You had me rolling on the floor Sandy!

    Thank you for your positive response.
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    OK, the gas thing......

    I always say I had no tell-tale IBS issues.....that's how come I experienced "shock & awe" when my allergist informed me I was hugely allergic to milk & gluten (among other things, but those are the worst offenders for me).

    But when I started on my milk & gluten-free diet, one thing I immediately noticed----hardly ever pass any gas anymore. And, on the rare occasions I do----odorless, yes that's right, folks, NO offensive smell....

    So I guess I DID have some "stomach signs" that should've told me not to eat certain foods, I just didn't recognize them as such.

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    Ok, I didn't think I had any irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. But lately, uh yeah, gas has been a problem. Is that part of irritable bowel? (I am new at this disease, bear with me :))