How long does it take to flush the St.John's Wort out?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CelticLadee, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Does anyone know how long it takes for SJW to be flushed out of the system? I seem to be photosensitive and I am wondering how long this is gonna last? Anyone have a clue?
    Is it days, weeks or months? Thanks in advance for your help. My best to you all. CLD
  2. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Hi CelticLadee,

    I have intense, overall itching when I have tried it, and it took about 24-48 hours to flush it out of my system..and I took an antihistamine, too..but it was extremely annoying..

    Do you think this is an allergic reaction? I would think that if it is a reaction to it, it should only last as long as it takes to flush from system, like I did above..Just saw your other question on nystatin..did not realize you had been on SJW for a long time in high doses..then, might take longer to get out of system..Drink lots of water, and could use detox methods, like the LEMON/OLIVE OIL concoction..

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  3. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Hi Plantscaper.
    That must have been quite an episode when you found out you are allergic to SJW. I have never had so many problems in my life. Everyday seems to be another challenge. It is just crazy living around all these system break downs. Anyway, I have been drinking lemon water...can't quite seem to want to force myself to drink olive oil in it. YUCK. LOL.

    My naturopath put me back on flaxseed oil and assured me that it does not feed mycoplasma and quite the contrary research shows it does help kill bacteria. I can't stand drinking oil so I am putting it on my toast since I can't use butter, etc. and have been eating dry toast. cough.

    I don't know how long before I can go out in the sun again. It appeared in full glory this week and I have a red face & neck and have hives and blisters to prove it. Itches now like you would not believe. Anyway,I need to know how long before it is safe for me to be in the sunshine. My lily white skin cannot take this brutal punishment. I always wear sunscreen as I'm "black Scottish/Irish" - fair skin & dark hair. My ND took me off all the anti-virals except OLE and put me on oil of oregano. The viral load is down so it time to clean out the yeast, mold and fungus. I have 4 amalgams left and he wants them out too as I have had nerve responses from the recent amalgam removal he relates to mercury attaching itself to nerves in my face & body. I did have relief from my tooth pain when I had 2 seperate amalgams removed in the same quadrant as the root canal tooth that was aching. Strange huh? Glad I tried this first instead of having it pulled. Just hope it is the permanent solution as you just never know with this disease do you?

    Since I took SJW for 6 months high dosage do you think it will take that long to clear it out? I have to get my blood drawn this week and go back to the ND the week after it is tested so I can ask him then I suppose. I just thought someone here may know about it and give me some idea as to when I will be able to go outside. It is horrible being cooped up in the house all day during this lovely weather. I will have to do my garden chores at night I guess. LOL.

    Good to talk to you. Hope you are doing well.

  4. Shirl

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    With all the books I have on herbs, none tell you how long it takes to flush it out of your system.

    I had a reaction to SJW too, I gave me vertigo. I was so lightheaded, was staggering around. It seemed to interfere with my blood pressure.

    But I was only taking it for two days, it took me about two days also to get back to normal.

    You might need to ask your doctor. He should know.

    I would suggest you start drinking a lot of water to flush it out of your system. Can't hurt.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    The sun is always an issue for me as I am the Fair-skinned, auburn haired Celtic person who has always paid dearly for any exposure in the sun..the first to burn and badly, sometimes, with huge blisters all over my does not take SJW for that...

    Do you think that you are going to be allergic to nystatin..I did not ever have a problem with it...although, it is really bitter, when I had to swish it around in the mouth, holding it there for a while..I think it is Layinglow that says that BEBERINE COMPLEX is an excellent candida systemic antifungal..and OIl of Oregano is suppose to be l00X more effective than caprylic acid..if you need alternatives to nystatin..(I think that Nystatin is only effective in the intestinal tract, and not systemically effective)..LL had some statistics on this..I could also have been MemoryLane, not sure..brain fog..

    But, Klutzo may have more information for you on getting the SJW out of your body...and I wonder if the amalgam removal might be affecting you, too..

  6. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Thanks for looking it up in your books. I have spent a couple hours online looking for the answer and none of the SJW articles addressed this issue. I will continue to drink lots of water as it is my daily/night habit. Can't drink anything else except herb tea or lemon water anyway. Read a post about putting sea salt in lemon water and thought that sounded very good. I've just sprinkled it on my food.

    I seem to be allergic to everything these days so I am just preparing myself. I will be taking oil of oregano with the nystatin and also manapol (the good stuff in aloe vera)
    I never thought about the mercury being part of my problem but it could be related. Thanks for the input. My ND warned me that I am probably going to be sick from this treatment (yeast die off) but not to worry about it being an allergic reaction. But I am more pessimestic having suffered so many bad reactions since I got this DD. I want to be totally aware of what can happen so I don't end up as sick as my dog. Thanks for your good thoughts. CLD
  7. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    It has been about twenty years since I took nystatin...went to the gurus of the Yeast Syndrome, back then..You experience the good ol "Herxing" phenomenon..kind of like the OLE..but I was also taking "yeast immunotherapy", like allergy shots, and that made me very sick..bedridden...but the nystatin, solo, is not that bad..and I would think that you have killed off some of the "yeasties" with the OLE..

    Do you feel good about the pregenenolone/dhea combo you are taking? I am on only the pregeneolone, now..I need to get my Adrenals tested to see if I need some form of supplementation..Do you think that the Licorice is helping your adrenal insufficiency?

    Hope things go well,
    I feel for you..
  8. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    That the herxing won't be so bad since I've been on OLE for so long it must have killed some of the yeast. Hopefully it will not be too bad. Thank you for that good thought.

    Yes, my adrenals have really felt better since I've been on the DHEA/Preg. They use to get so sore when I got stressed and also I would wilt in the sun. Minus energy was far worse than today. I laid down more than I was up and it is the opposite now but some of my energy is due to other factors too. I highly recommend if you think you have adrenal insufficiency to get the ASI test and the proper help for your situation. It could make a big difference in your overall health if it is a problem. This DD is like a huge cube of ice and we are picking away at it with our little ice picks trying to get back to a unfrozen life. I'm pretty happy that I am getting better and have high hopes that after I go through this long treatment for yeast/mold/fungus I will be even better. I hope you are able to find answers and get better along with me and others here who are improving. We won't have a penny left when we are done but we will hopefully feel good. LOL.
    Take care & be well. My best to you. CLD
  9. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    To tell you the truth...I think the licorice tea helps mildly but you need the strength of a good adrenal support - in my case the DHEA/Preg. drops subling.
    When I was at my worst I could feel the lic. tea soothing quality but now that I don't have any physical pain I don't notice it. I haven't had my adrenals act up for quite awhile now as I religiously take all my supplements but I know if I was too fool around I would be in trouble again fairly soon. I use to have adrenal pain when driving my car and someone would pull out in front of me causing a start which pumped adrenalin which caused pain. Now that does not happen and I can drive 100 miles with no problems. That is one example of how the above combination has helped me. Licorice tea does help but it isn't the total answer. Hope you will find what works for you soon. I love to hear when you and others get relief. I celebrate each victory I read with a joyful heart. My best to you. CLD